5 Effective Motion Sickness Remedies

Don’t let your motion sickness stop you from having a great trip.

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“I Don’t Feel So Good”

Whether you’re on a train, plane, car or boat, motion sickness is the last thing you want to think about while travelling. However, approximately 90 percent of adults report having some degree of motion sickness at one point or another.  For this reason, we’ve rounded up five effective motion sickness remedies that are proven to prevent that queasy feeling.

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Chew It

Squelch queasiness with an antiemetic that’s specifically designed to treat nausea, vomit and dizziness due to motion sickness.

Gravol Natural Source Ginger Lozenges, $10

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Medicate It

If you are a passenger and susceptible to carsickness, try a mild over-the-counter sedative to help you sleep through the rough patches.
Benadryl Allergy Caplets, $8

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Patch It

Place a prescribed patch of scopolamine behind your ear. “It’s helps interfere with the signals being sent to the brain and reduces the urge to vomit,” says Dr. Qureshi.

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Press It

Try acupressure: Place your thumb on the underside of your wrist and apply pressure for a few minutes, or try an acupressure bracelet that mimics this pressure.

Sea-Band Wristband, $15

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Rub It

Try rubbing a balm with a blend of lavender, euclyptus and peppermint oil (it can help with nausea) on your temples, the centre of your nose and the back of your head.

Leaves of Trees Headache Balm, $10


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