5 easy ways to look beautiful in a bikini

No time to tone up before your beach getaway? Try these easy (and safe) tricks for looking fantastic in your bathing suit

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Beauty on the beach

Exercising regularly and eating a healthy diet are really the only two ways to look and feel your best on the beach and beyond. But if your sun-destination vacation is right around the corner, try these five suggestions from Toronto-based fitness trainer Jesseny Rojas and nutritionist Victoria Orlewicz to help you look fantastic in your bikini.

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1. Stand up straight

Good posture makes everyone look better. People with good posture are perceived as more attractive. Still other psychology research has shown that we look slimmer when we stand up straight, and that posture can affect our mood and behaviour.

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2. Be confident

“Think, know and feel you are beautiful and sexy,” says Rojas.

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3. Cut back on salt

Eating less salt reduces water retention and bloating-and watch for hidden sources of sodium. “Over 80% of our daily sodium intake does not come from the salt shaker, but rather from processed and packaged foods,” says Orlewicz. Click through to find out how much sodium is in the food you eat.

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4. Drink more water

Dehydration also causes water retention, not to mention fatigue.

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5. Cut out dairy

“While dairy consumption is a controversial topic, I have found that most adults have difficulty digesting dairy products, which leads to gas and bloating-not what you want at beach time,” says Orlewicz. Even if you don’t want to remove dairy from your diet permanently, experiment and see if it makes a difference in your digestion.

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