5 delicious healthy almond recipes

Packed with vitamin E, protein and fibre, almonds are a great addition to healthy recipes

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Almonds are a super food

Looking for a healthy snack with satisfying crunch? Grab a handful of almonds. Considered the most nutrient-packed tree nut, almonds are an excellent source of vitamin E and a good source of protein and fibre. They’ve also been shown to reduce bad cholesterol. Researchers have also found that they can even help in weight management. Almonds also add distinct flavour and texture to healthy meals. Try one of these delicious almond recipes.

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spiced almonds

Spiced almonds

Ounce per ounce, almonds are the most nutrient-dense tree nut. Spice up this healthy snack with sweet paprika, cayenne pepper and a touch of brown sugar.

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almond crusted chicken lg

Almond Orange Crusted Chicken With Fennel Arugala Salad

This light dish provides a healthier alternative to traditional fried chicken

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almond butter cookies

Almond Butter Cookies

Whole almonds a satisfying crunch to these yummy, nutrient-packed cookies.

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asian noodle bowl almonds

Asian Noodle Bowl With Spicy Almond Sauce

Almond sauce provides a fresh twist on an Asian-inspired noodle dish. The toasted almond garnish adds extra crunch-and extra nutrients-to the meal.

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beef almond zucchini boats

Beef And Almond Stuffed Zucchini Boats

Looking for a fun way to sneak more vegetables into family meals? Kids will devour these tasty and crunchy zucchini boats-and parents will love that they’re loaded with nutrients as well as flavour.

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