4 blood-glucose friendly recipes

Insulin resistance is a growing epidemic that can lead to health problems including heart disease and diabetes.Try these four healthy recipes to help keep your blood glucose levels in check

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The danger of insulin resistance

A major health crisis is emerging, and it could well be affecting how you feel right now. It’s out-of-control blood glucose, and you may have it without even knowing. One in four people now have some impairment in glucose tolerance and insulin secretion. (If you’re overweight and over 45, the chances that you have it are nearly one in two.) Left unchecked, the end result is metabolic syndrome, which is a precursor to heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

The good news is that insulin resistance is reversible and eating the right foods may cure it. Try these four healthy GI recipes to keep your blood glucose levels under control.

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citrus salad 353

Citrus and Spinach Salad

Fresh leaf spinach pairs well with citrus fruits, melon and prosciutto. Here the spinach is tossed with the fruits and their juices and then drizzled with a creamy and sweet balsamic dressing. A little prosciutto is used to top the salad, so you get the flavour without adding too much fat!

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herbed chicken burger 353

Herbed Chicken and Apple Burgers

This recipe will lighten up your burgers and add new flavour at the same time. First, use ground chicken instead of beef. Then, to boost the fibre and flavour, add grated apples, as well as fresh sage and thyme. Serve the burgers on whole-wheat buns spread with the sweet honey mustard sauce.

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pears pecorino 353

Pears Grilled with Pecorino

Many cuisines have traditions of combining fruit with cheese. This recipe stems from the Tuscan combination of juicy pears with salty pecorino. With some cheese melted over the pears and the rest combined with grapes and salad leaves, the pears grilled with pecorino makes a very attractive dish.

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summer salmon 353

Summer Salmon and Asparagus

Fresh young vegetables and succulent salmon make this casserole highly nutritious, and it is also quick to prepare. Choose tiny leeks, tender asparagus and sugar-snap peas, all of which add visual appeal to the dish. Serve boiled new potatoes with the summer salmon and asparagus for a complete meal.

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