3 supplements to boost your fitness

Get the most out of your workouts by boosting your performance with supplements

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Fuel like an Olympian

I work with many olympians to help them get the most from their training. Supplements can help performance by providing amino acids, carbohydrates and other ingredients, during or after the workout, to enhance blood flow, boost oxygen delivery to muscles and kick-start recovery. Here are three examples.

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1. ThorneFX Amino Complex

1. ThorneFX Amino Complex

This essential-amino-acid blend has positive effects on the development of lean body mass, exercise capacity and aerobic metabolism, so it can help with body composition and exercise performance. It’s low-carb, so it’s great for people on a moderate-carb diet, or those who are doing lower-intensity or shorter-duration workouts. ($65, 198 g; 1-866- 255-1933)

To use: Mix one scoop in two cups (500 mL) water and sip during a workout.

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2. Genuine Health Activfuel+

It’s important to fuel your body for vigorous activity. This blend of protein and carbohydrates-plus other exercise-enhancing ingredients such as coconut water, creatine and rhodiola-can help boost workout intensity and support rehydration. It comes in caffeinated or caffeine-free options. ($55, 439 g)

To use: Mix one scoop in two cups (500 mL) water and sip during a workout.

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3. Genuine Health Activ-recover+ ($54, 722 g)

After you’ve had a tough workout, it’s important to rebuild and repair muscles with high-quality nutrition. This supplement contains carbohydrates, protein, tart cherry and more; drinking one serving after exercise can help reduce muscle soreness, and help you return to activity faster.

To use:
Mix two scoops in two cups (500 mL) water and drink after a workout.

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