Which supplement is right for you?

There are so many new options in supplements. Here are some of the latest

Which supplement is right for you?

Source: Best Health magazine, September 2013; Images: Thinkstock (top), Tracy Shumate (bottom)

1. A smoothie made from Progressive’s VegEssential All In One powder mix provides six to eight servings of veggies and the RDA for 13 vitamins and minerals ($65, 840 g; 19 servings).

2. Renew Life’s Ultimate Flora Ultra Potent probiotic has 100 billion cultures to ease diges­tion issues ($53, 30 capsules).

3. Jamieson’s dissolvable Effervescent Magnesium tablets make a citrus-flavoured drink ($4, 10 tablets).

4. Vitamints are mint-flavoured vitamins; formulations include Immune, at left, with zinc and vitamin C ($9, 60 mints).

5. Nature’s Bounty Calcium Gummies with vitamin D3 are made for adults and come in peach, banana and cherry flavours ($9, 60 gummies).

6. Cardio­viva is a new probiotic that works to reduce bad (LDL) cholesterol ($35, 60 capsules).

7. Webber Naturals’ Omega-3 Mini is a full-potency fish-oil capsule, but is only half the size of other brands ($17, 180 softgels).

8. Rexall’s new Be.Better vitamin line features a Mulberry & Chromium formu­lation for weight maintenance ($9, 90 capsules).

9. Swiss Natural Total One Multi Vitamin & Mineral for women contains cranberry, folic acid and iron ($22, 90 caplets).

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