3 healthy soup recipes

These healthy, comforting soups are the perfect way to warm up on cold day

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Find your favourite soup

In my travels I haven’t met many cultures that don’t have a favourite soup, whether it’s pho in Southeast Asia, or chicken gumbo in the southern U.S. For most people, the smell or taste of soup conjures up a fond food memory. And it really is the perfect dish: Its wholesome goodness nourishes your body and soul.

These three recipes will inspire even non-cooks to create. I always encourage my culinary arts students at the Stratford, Ont., high school where I teach to make any recipe once, and then add their own touch. So give these soups a try-and then make them your own.

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sopa azteca

Sopa Azteca

This spicy, broth-based Mexican soup is great for dinner parties because your guests can customize their soup right at the table. If you want to make it vegetarian, use a vege­table broth and replace the turkey with some sliced firm tofu.


Get the recipe: Sopa Azteca

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Corn & Shrimp Chowder

When making this, frozen or canned corn are both fine to use. If you like it spicy, add a pinch of chili powder or a dash of chipotle sauce. If you like your chowder thick and creamy, here’s a trick that doesn’t add extra fat: Take a cup (250 mL) of soup (excluding shrimp or chicken), whir it in the blender and add it back to the pot.


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Soupe au Pistou

I’ve adapted this soup-basically a vegetable-basil soup-from the French classic. But the basil in this recipe isn’t pounded (pistou) into a pesto sauce as in the original version; instead, it’s chopped and added as garnish to give the soup great flavour.

Get the recipe: Soupe au Pistou

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More healthy soup recipes

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