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12 Smoothies to Supercharge Your Workout

Fuel your body with an energizing beverage.

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pre workout smoothie

Banana Walnut Bliss

Get energized with this pre workout smoothie! According to research published in the online scientific journal PLoS One, consuming a banana smoothie before a workout is as beneficial as a sports drink. Plus, bananas provide antioxidants, potassium and other nutritional benefits. Adding walnuts also increases your protein and healthy-fats intake.

Get the recipe: Banana Walnut Bliss Smoothie

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pre workout smoothie

Kiwi ‘n Kale Smoothie

Get energized with some protein-packed green power! Combining veggies and fruit in a milk smoothie is a sweet way to do it. Kale is rich in nutrients, including vitamins A, C and K, calcium, and iron.

Get the recipe: Kiwi ‘n Kale Smoothie

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Oat Cocoa Smoothie

A recent Canadian study found that overweight women who exercised regularly and followed a high-dairy (and calorie-restricted) diet for four months lost fat and gained 1 1/2 pounds of calorie-burning lean body mass. Milk and other dairy products may help regulate appetite, and its protein can build muscle.

Get the recipe: Oat Cocoa Smoothie

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C-Blast Smoothie

Power up your morning with this delicious pre workout smoothie! Pink grapefruit, pineapple and strawberries are super-high in vitamin C (a disease-fighting antioxidant). And if you tend to have low iron levels, it’s good to know that vitamin C helps with absorption of this mineral.

Get the recipe: C-Blast Smoothie

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Blueberry & Avocado Layered Smoothie

Look after your mind and your heart with this recipe that we adapted from the Wild Blueberry Association of North America. Wild Blueberries are good brain food, and avocados are packed with the kind of fats that help lower cholesterol and improve cardio health.

Get the recipe: Blueberry & Avocado Layered Smoothie

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Banana & Pear Smoothie

One serving of this pre workout smoothie contains almost a quarter of your daily vitamin C requirements. Plus, it has a good amount of fibre (28 percent of the daily value), which promotes digestion and regularity. According to a University of Illinois study, fibre can also help boost the immune system.

Get the recipe: Banana & Pear Smoothie

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Citrus Energy-Boosting Smoothie

Who needs caffeine when you have the energy-boosting power of natural sugars plus the iron in spinach and folate in citrus fruits? The almond milk is a great protein source, too.

Get the recipe: Citrus Energy-Boosting Smoothie

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Superwoman Smoothie

Popeye was right: Spinach will keep you strong. Swedish researchers have found that inorganic nitrate — abundant in spinach — results in muscles using less oxygen, which improves muscle performance.

Get the recipe: Superwoman Smoothie

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Beet and Strawberry Smoothie

Want a little push to get you through your next workout? Beets, which have lots of nitrate, can help to keep you moving. According to one study, nitrates improved oxygen use and helped study subjects exercise for up to 16 percent longer.

Get the recipe: Beet and Strawberry Smoothie

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Spinach and Strawberry Smoothie

Don’t let the title fool you. Though each serving is packed with an incredible full cup of this nutritional powerhouse, the sweetness of fresh strawberries and banana is front and centre in this deliciously drinkable pre workout smoothie.

Get the recipe: Spinach and Strawberry Smoothie

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Chocolate Almond Smoothie

This satisfying, antioxidant-rich chocolate almond pre workout smoothie will keep the hunger at bay for hours.

Get the recipe: Chocolate Almond Smoothie

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Olive Oil Energy Drink

Vital veggies and EFA-rich olive oil make for a drink that will give you energy throughout the day.

Get the recipe: Olive Oil Energy Drink