What’s your skin type?

Are you oily, dry or combination? Here’s how to find out

What's your skin type?

Are you using the wrong products for your skin type? Take this test to find out which products are best for you.

What to do

‘ Cut out three thin strips of tissue.

‘ In the morning, before washing your face, put one strip on your nose and chin, one on your forehead and the third on one cheek.

The result

‘ If all three strips remain opaque, you have dry skin.

‘ If they become translucent and stick to your skin, you have oily skin.

‘ If the strips on your forehead, nose and chin (the T zone) become translucent and the third remains opaque, you have combination skin.

‘ For combination skin, follow advice for both dry and oily skin, adapting it to the different parts of your face. Try different products on different areas. Your preference will probably be for light, oil-free products.

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