What’s online from Best Health’s September 2011 issue

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What's online from Best Health's September 2011 issue

Source: Best Health Magazine, September 2011

New & Now

20 Doggy Yogis? Too funny!
Check out more adorable yoga pups.

Look Great

26 So you think Tré Armstrong can dance?
Learn four dance-inspired workout moves from Tré Armstrong, and check out a behind-the-scenes video from her interview with Best Health.

Get Healthy

50 Whole-life makeover
Follow Kelly’s progress as she blogs weekly for the Best Health Challenge. And don’t forget to check out the Best Health Challenge strength workout, created by Bruce Krahn, author of The Fat Fighter Diet.

54  Cardio Workout: 30-40 minutes
Watch a video of Bruce Krahn performing the Bodyweight Cardio Matrix. Then, complete your workout with our stretching routine.

60 Breakthrough treatments for blindness
Protect your sight with these six foods for healthy eyes.

64 Just call him eyeborg
Check out Rob Spence’s video interview about his prosthetic eye and built-in video camera.

Eat Well

80 Blue bliss
Try this delicious yogurt and blueberry pancakes recipe. It’s sure to be a new breakfast favourite.

82 My "snupper" solutions
Not a lot of time to cook? Try our quick and healthy dinner ideas.

94 Quick fixes
Visit our recipes section for more healthy meal ideas.

98 Season’s best
Enjoy fresh market produce this month. Check out the 5 foods to buy in September.

Embrace Life

106 What’s your fighting style?
Here’s how to have a healthy argument that won’t ruin your relationship.

116 Ask a sex therapist
Looking for sex and relationship advice? We’ve got answers.