What’s online from Best Health’s Jan/Feb 2011 issue

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What's online from Best Health's Jan/Feb 2011 issue

Source: Best Health Magazine, January/February 2011

New & Now

Our roundup of toning sneakers
Are toning shoes right for you? See what our editors had to say when they put five popular brands to the test.

Look Great

40    Help Me, Rhonda!
Are ‘Brazilian-style’ hair-straightening treatments safe? See what Health Canada has to say about risky hair-smoothing treatments.

50    Find the Right Style of Glasses
Tired of wearing specs every day? Here are six ways to determine if laser eye surgery is right for you.

Get Healthy

54    Joannie Rochette: On a mission
How old is your heart? Take our quiz to find out.

58    My Resolution for 2011: ‘I Want to Run a 10K Race’
What’s your New Year’s Resolution? Find out what the Best Health community has planned for 2011, and share your goals with us!

60    Banish Stubborn Fat
Want a flat stomach this year? Check out these three ab-blasting workouts.

65    Migraines Can Be Managed
Find out how Best Health associate editor Lisa Hannam copes with her migraines.

70    What is Gyrotonic?
Bad posture getting you down? Follow these simple exercises to improve your posture and stand tall.

Eat Well

80    Rubylicious!
Try these 10 healthy ways to cook with pomegranate.

88    Portion Checker
Our experts weigh in on Canada’s Food Guide’and if it’s really good for you.

100    Lightened-Up Classics
Try more of fresh-food chef Paul Finkelstein’s delicious recipes for comfort foods with a healthier twist.

Embrace Life

106    Five Active-Holiday Ideas
Here are 7 great reasons to take your exercise outdoors this winter.