Get Your Virgin Hair Back With These Hairstylist-Approved Tips

It’s time to go back to your roots.

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How to Get Your Virgin Hair Back

If your hair is in bad shape, dyeing it back to its natural colour will help it get stronger and shinier. “Rocking your natural shade gives your hair a much-needed break,” says Roger Medina, celebrity hairstylist and Garnier Canada hair expert. Plus, your hair will be more low maintenance, which is what a lot of busy women are looking for, he adds.

Back to the roots

The first thing to look at the state of your hair, says Medina. Match your the colour of your roots with a permanent hair colour, like Garnier’s Olia, which is an ammonia-free and oil-based dye. Medina says it will neutralize your locks without sacrificing the integrity of the hair.

You’ll also want to stick to dye with names like natural brown or natural dark blond. And pick a colour with a dye number that starts with a “.0”, which symbolizes a more natural shade.

If you’re naturally a blonde, the first step towards a more natural colour is to dye your hair with a golden brown colour. If you miss this step – warning! – your hair will turn green, says Medina. After rinsing the golden brown dye out, add your natural blonde colour on top.

1) Stay Hydrated

Once you’ve got your colour locked in, then you want to make sure you’re taking proper care of your hair. “Whenever you colour your hair, it’s thirsty for moisture,” Medina says.

Protect your hair from drying by using products that would revive the hydration of your hair with a hair mask or hair butter. Then, use a leave-in conditioner to maintain your newly hydrated and healthy hair, recommends Medina.

2) Timely Trims

If you’re still dealing with dry ends or any remaining hair colour that’s not your new natural shade, get a trim. And make sure you get trimmed every six to eight weeks to keep ends healthy.

3) Stay Cool

Before you step out of the shower, rinse your hair with cool water. This closes the hair cuticles to further protect your hair.