4 Fast Fixes for Damaged, Fried Hair

Is your fried hair putting a damper on your summer look? Don’t sweat it, we’ve got 4 easy fixes that will restore you locks.

Fried Hair

Thanks to the heat and humidity, hair is more prone to becoming fried during the summer months. Below are four easy ways to prevent further damage while restoring your locks back to its healthy state.

1) Go Au Naturale

Summer is a great time to rock your natural texture, says celebrity hairstylist Richard Collins, who has worked with Brie Larson and Helen Mirren. “Try air-drying, aided by a sea salt spray, to create that just-left-the-beach look.” If you have naturally dry hair, look for texturizing stylers formulated without salt, which can sometimes be dehydrating. You can also take advantage of your curls and extra volume created by the season’s humidity to create effortless ponytails, braids and twists. “Braided upstyles are perfect when you’re trying to avoid your blow-dryer and will keep you cool by sweeping your hair off your neck and shoulders,” says Kristjan Hayden, a pro hairstylist and creative director for Aveda Canada.

Minimize frizz using John Frieda Frizz Ease Extra Strength 6 Effects + Serum ($16 at mass merchandisers) and Kevin.Murphy Motion Lotion ($33 at salons).

2) Rock a Ponytail

To score the picture-perfect pony (the kind that hair commercials are made of), Hayden says placement is everything. For the most flattering height, secure the tail at the top of the back of your head, just above the bump you feel at the back of your skull. From the side, it should line up with your brows. If you want extra volume, use a small comb to backcomb the top-half section of your tail from underneath. You can also score more texture by braiding your pony first, setting it with styling cream and taking it out before running out the door. If you’re planning to be outdoors all day, hats and shade provide the best protection, but you should also look to a leave-in conditioning spray with UV protection to help safeguard your strands. Use it on damp hair post-shower or even throughout the day on wet hair. “Styling your hair in a bun or a messy knot also helps, as it reduces the amount of surface area being exposed to the sun,” says Hayden.

Get the look with Sephora Collection Finishing Touch Quick Fix: Bobby Pins ($9 at sephora.ca) and Sun Bum Beach Formula 3-in-1 Leave-in ($18 at Shopper’s Drug Mart).

3) Beware of Chlorine

Exposing your hair to chlorine regularly can leave your locks feeling matted and strawlike and your colour unrecognizable. While the best protection is a swim cap, it’s also a good idea to wet your hair (with fresh water) first and apply a silicone-based serum (look for dimethicone as one of the first ingredients on the label) as an extra line of defence. “I usually don’t recommend silicone-rich products for all hair types,” says Hayden, “but in this case, because it’s synthetic and not water soluble, it can help seal the hair shaft and prevent it from absorbing chlorinated water.” Just be sure to use a detoxifying shampoo once a week to help further nix chlorine and silicone buildup.

4) Get a Trim

“The most important thing for long hair is to dust the ends every eight weeks to avoid breakage and keep your ends from getting knotted in dreadlocks,” says Collins. Since your hair clumps up when wet, use a paddle brush with plastic, spaced-out bristles (or a brush specifically designed for wet hair) to gently brush conditioner through your hair while you’re in the shower and ensure that it reaches more surface area from root to tip.

For shorter hair, try creating braids or twists around the perimeter of your hairline and securing them with colourful or metallic bobby pins.

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