Your 4 Best Options for a Fuzz-Free Summer Body

Shave, wax or zap your way to a hair free body. Here are your best bets when it comes to going fuzz-free.


How to find the perfect summer hair removal method

In this sunshine-filled season of short-shorts, tank-tops and sundresses, the last thing you want to think about before heading out the door is whether or not your unwanted hair is noticeable.  For your smoothest summer yet, we’ve rounded up four different summer hair removal solutions so that you can find the the best method for your body. 

Planning a Last-Minute Beach Party?

Shaving is your go-to for a speedy solution and can be done two or three times a week. Wait until the end of your shower, since water plumps up the hair and makes it easier to cut, says Christine Jew, brand manager for Schick Hydro Silk. For tricky areas, such as around the knees, you can avoid cuts by pulling the skin taut. To avoid irritation, always use a sharp, new blade and wait 30 minutes post-shave to moisturize, she says. 

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Planning a Cottage Getaway?

Book a waxing appointment a couple of days before you depart, keeping in mind that your hair must be about the length of a grain of rice for best results. Exfoliating two or three times a week is key, says Lexi Miles, founder of Waxon Waxbar.  “It will help release ingrown hairs from under the surface of your skin and reduce discomfort,” she says. Suitable for all skin types, waxing involves using hard wax (removed without a strip) on sensitive areas. Strip wax should only be used on larger, less sensitive areas, such as your arms and legs (these are the easiest areas for you to wax at home). Avoid sweating and taking hot showers for 24 hours after waxing so that your skin won’t be irritated.

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Planning a Festival Weekend? 

Depliatory products dissolve hair from the surface of the skin, so the results are similar to shaving. Depilatories need to be smoothed on and washed off after only a few minutes, so they are quick, work on shorter hair and are often the least expensive option.  Miles warns that chemical depilatories can irritate or burn skin if not applied properly, so don’t skip the instructions and do the recommended patch test. Wait a few hours before applying a hydrating lotion to soothe skin.

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Planning a End-of-Summer Extravaganza?

Used in conjunction with other hair removal techniques and after an average of seven to 10 treatments, lasers create “permanent hair reduction” in dermspeak. The lasers target pigment in the root of the hair and heat up and eradicate the cells that make hair grow. Grey, blonde and red hair can’t be treated because the pigment is either absent or too light.

The at-home device Tria can save you money in the long run (in-office treatments can end up costing thousands), and it uses the same wavelength as professional lasers, so the results are the same, says Dr. Zakia Rahman, a board-certified dermatologist and clinical assistant professor of dermatology at Stanford University. “Whether used at-home or in an office, these devices are not safe for those with lots of pigment in their skin,” she says. For the same reason, a suntan can make laser hair removal dangerous and cause burns. Stick to self-tanner if you want a temporary bronzed glow.

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