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Birth Control Is Free in B.C. When Will There Be National Coverage?

We asked Dr. Wendy Norman, whose research helped bring about the policy, to explain where we’re at

Why Isn’t There a Birth Control Pill for Men?

The reason there's still no male birth control pill? The same reason the female birth control pill isn't better than...

The Pill Is Good. Why Isn’t It Better?

Despite over sixty years of research and development, we still don't know much about how the birth control pill affects...

I’m Breaking Out. Is My Birth Control to Blame?

Experts say the answer depends on the type of birth control pill.

How Birth Control Can Impact Your Breast Size

Some forms of birth control will change your breast size, and others won't.

Does Melatonin Affect Birth Control? What Experts Want You to Know

Does melatonin 'cancel out' birth control? We asked multiple Canadian experts and it turns out, the answer isn't a simple...

10 Doctor-Recommended Ways to Make Getting an IUD Less Painful

Yes, it can hurt. And yes, it's definitely worth it.

What’s the Best Way to Switch Birth Control Pills?

Every birth control pill comes with its own set of side-effects. Here’s what to do when the cons outweigh the...

Everything You Need to Know About the Arm Implant for Birth Control

A doctor explains why Nexplanon is the most effective hormonal birth control option available in Canada right now.

8 Facts About IUDs You Should Know

Is an IUD the best method of birth control for you?

11 Things to Know Before Going Off Birth Control

Stopping the pill is not quite like quitting carbs or Netflix—the body changes can be dramatic. Here's what to expect.

A New Telemedicine Company for Lifestyle Meds Launches in Canada

A new Canadian company is making it easy and convenient to get a prescription for birth control and acne treatment—and...

It’s Time to Revisit Your Birth Control Options—in the Name of Self-Love

You have a go-to contraceptive—but is it really the best option for you? Here's why it may be time to...

Why Women are Ditching The Pill in Favour of Birth Control Apps to Prevent Pregnancy

Thanks to FemTech, period tracking and fertility apps are on the rise to becoming the preferred form of birth control....

If You Take Birth Control, You Could Have a Higher Risk of This One Cancer

A recent study has found a surprising new risk to hormonal contraception — but here’s why you shouldn’t be too...

Is It Safe To Stop Your Period?

Periods might not be necessary after all.

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