Does Cannabis Actually Help Reduce Stress? This CEO Says Yes

Working in the cannabis industry has helped Alison Gordon live a more balanced life using this herb as a remedy for stress.

Stress can take a major tole on your health, but this CEO found relief in cannabis

At age 45, Alison Gordon, the CEO of 48North Cannabis Corp (a parent company of a licensed producer of medical cannabis in Canada) realized she needed to make significant changes so she could stop being stressed every single day. “I am a passionate, high energy person, so I had always thought that it was my fate to live with stress,” says Gordon, but she pledged to herself to take care of her mental health as much as she did her physical health, and that’s where cannabis came into play. “I still have stress now, of course, but I’ve found ways to identify it and have worked to build myself a tool box that helps me to deal with it in a healthy way.”

This discovery was her #BHmoment.

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Why was it important for her to reduce stress

“Life is short and I realized there was no reason to live with high levels of stress. In truth, I just wanted to try and change things up — for myself, my kids and my relationships.”

The steps she took

“When I started working in the cannabis industry in 2014 I began to learn more about the medical properties and benefits of cannabis,” she says. “I was a recreational user, but didn’t know much about how cannabis could help reduce stress.”

But then she spent time researching the medicinal herb. “I spent time learning about CBD (one of the non-psychoactive cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant) and the animal studies and other qualitative data which have shown CBD to have anti-anxiety properties,” she says. “These studies conclude that CBD can boost serotonin in a way that is similar to SSRI pharmaceuticals. I decided to try using CBD products to help with days when I had a lot of stress and found a huge improvement in my mental health. While CBD was an important tool for me, I knew it was not the only step in combatting my lifelong ‘addiction’ to stress. I found it important to continue balancing myself through yoga, meditation and time with my family and friends.”

What she’s learned

“I learned that if you slow down and take the time to truly assess your mental and physical health needs you can set yourself on a path to improvement. We live in a stressful time and we should never accept anxiety as a new normal.”

What you should take away from her journey

“While the internet can be a minefield of ‘alternative facts,’ if you look for reliable sources you can often find the latest and greatest options for your health and well-being,” she says. “The rise of cannabis legalization throughout the U.S. and Canada is a great opportunity for people to learn about the medical benefits of cannabis as a natural alternative to pharmaceuticals and their side effects.”

“The goal isn’t to eradicate stress. That’s impossible! It’s about finding productive and non-invasive ways to manage the feelings without becoming overwhelmed.”

Advice she gives friends

“Try CBD! The research is very promising and it’s an exciting time to be working in the medical cannabis industry.”

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