3 Steps to Get to the Bottom of Your Skin Sensitivity

If you’re fighting sensitive skin, check out Toronto dermatologist Dr. Sandy Skotnicki’s new book Beyond Soap. Here, she outlines a product elimination diet.

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Fight sensitive skin step 1: Stop using your usual products!

Quit using every product that touches your skin. We’re talking shampoos, moisturizers, makeup, perfume — even hand soap and nail polish.

Fight sensitive skin step 2:

Temporarily sub in products from Dr. Skotnicki’s Low Contact Allergen and Irritant List, which includes products like Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, Dr Roebuck’s Pure Moisturizer and other unlikely-to-irritate products until issues resolve. Makeup is off-limits for this step. Note: it’s important to change all your products, as issues aren’t always site-specific (for example, it could be your shampoo that’s causing that reaction on your eyelids). Plus, find out what the wrong shampoo is doing to your scalp.

Fight sensitive skin step 3:

Reintroduce your old products one at a time, waiting a week in between each. As soon as you see a reaction, cut that product from your regimen. (Looking to firm your skin? These 6 skincare products will keep your face on the up.)

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Sensitive SkinPhoto Credit: Shutterstock

Originally Published in Best Health Canada