Best Health Magazine: May 2009

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Best Health Magazine: May 2009

New & Now

Do your own bike tune-up and save $$ ‘ Best stretch: Get ready for golf! ‘ Family health, by the numbers ‘ These women do relay racing to get fit and have fun ‘ Eco-friendly beauty products ‘ Spa paradises ‘ Mini-wardrobe for tennis ‘ Fast-food healthy swap ‘ Which life stages cause the most sleepless nights for women? ‘ Harness rainwater for your garden ‘ A convenient way to grow herbs at home ‘ Freshen up your pantry ‘ Which floss is right for you? ‘ Do it now: Call your mom to de-stress ‘ A new heart procedure could shorten surgery and healing time ‘ How much sunscreen is enough? ‘ A coffee smoothie recipe ‘ Pilates can rev up your sex life ‘ Is organic pet food better than regular? ‘ Our book and DVD choices

Look Great

38 Waist Management: Partner Up For Sexy Abs
A toning program to trim your tummy’and your partner’s’just in time for summer!
42 Beauty Bar
Our roundup of makeup, hair and skincare products.
44 Beauty Secrets From Around the World
Seven women share their culture’s tips for looking and feeling great.
50 The Truth About Antioxidants
Are they a skincare powerhouse?
52 Lipstick Special
It’s a recession-proof essential: Here’s how to find your perfect match.
57 Let’s Outlaw Tanning Beds for Teens
Why our governments should do more to shield them from harmful radiation.
60 Spring-Clean Your Skin
We tested scrubs to find what works.
62 Get It Together
Cool websites and tools for looking your best.

Get Healthy

66 Walk Your Way Slim!
Our super-easy plan will get you fit fast. (Bonus: You can lose 10 lb in 10 weeks.)
70 Waist Management: Are You Good to Go?
Healthy bowels are key to good health and a slim waist. Here’s how to keep things moving.
74 Canada’s Best Hospitals for Women
We highlight five healthcare centres that lead the way in women’s health.
82 Male Call
Does he have a pot belly? He’s at risk for metabolic syndrome.
84 Lip Service
Your best remedies for cold sores.
87 Love at First Consultation
How one woman ended up with a doctor for a husband’and became an armchair physician.
90 A Private Pain
Vulvodynia can be devastating to a woman’s life. We investigate this little-known’but surprisingly common’condition.
94 Get It Together
Cool websites and tools to help you stay healthy.

Eat Well

98 Celebrate Spring!
Fresh-food chef Paul Finkelstein’s Mother’s Day buffet recipes offer a chance to fire up the grill.
102 ‘Honey, I Shrank the Grocery Bill!’
Ideas for cutting your food costs.
107 Canada’s Healthiest Restaurants
In the first of a series, we highlight a Western Canada family favourite that upped the health factor of its menu.
109 Grocery Guide
We tested three new cereals on store shelves.
110 Should You Cheat on Your Diet?
It may help shed pounds.
114 Community Kitchen
Three readers share their favourite recipes.
116 Waist Management: Good for Your Gut
The foods that help keep our stomachs lean, soothed’and cancer-free.
121 Quick Fixes
Tasty dishes you can make in about 30 minutes.
124 Get It Together
Cool websites and tools to help you eat better.

Embrace Life

128 Can you cope with change?
Take our quiz to find out.
132 Water Filter Roundup
Should you go for a carafe, a faucet attachment or an under-the-sink system?
135 ‘How Hard Could It Be?’
For writer Susan McClelland, caving turned out to be as much a mental challenge as a physical one.
142 Waist Management: Healthy Kitchen Gadgets
Want a slimmer kitchen? Try these tools.
144 How much sex is best?
Here’s the real key to intimacy.
150 Get It Together
Cool websites and tools to make life easier.
152 My Healthy Life
An international aid worker shares her tips for de-stressing under extreme conditions.

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