Our best raw recipes

Whether you’re a raw diet devotee or just experimenting with new recipes, our best raw recipes will really satisfy

Our best raw recipes

Raw dessert and drink recipes

Chocolate Almond Smoothie
This satisfying, antioxidant-rich chocolate almond smoothie will keep the hunger away for hours.

Matcha Green Tea Torte
Satisfy your craving for creamy cheesecake without eating fatty dairy with this green tea torte recipe, perfect for raw-food enthusiasts or anyone sensitive to milk products.

Raw Pecan Pie
Skip the refined sugars and flours in favour of nuts, coconut, dates and raisins in this raw version of classic pecan pie.

Red Alert
This drink is a blend of lip-smacking cherry juice with another trendy ingredient, coconut water, which is gaining popularity as a cooking ingredient and sports drink (for its high potassium and mineral content). This blend is great for cooling off after a workout or as a morning wake-up drink.

Mango, Peach and Apricot Fizz
A luscious combination of fruit puréed together with fizzy ginger ale, or with tonic, bitter lemon or sparkling mineral water, makes a wonderfully refreshing breakfast drink. Choose perfectly ripe fruit for the smoothest low-calorie mango, peach and apricot fizz.

Raw soup and salad recipes

Cucumber Mint Gazpacho
Gazpacho is the ultimate summertime food’fresh, quick to make, and no cooking required. This version boosts the classic cucumber flavour with fresh mint.

Creamy Carrot Ginger Soup
This creamy carrot soup is especially easy to digest. Because of the ginger, it has a warming effect whether served warm or cold.

Raw Pad Thai
Try this vegan, raw version of the spicy and delicious Thai classic Pad Thai.

Garlicky Tomato Salad
When tomatoes are at their peak of sweetness, this garlicky tomato salad is particularly delicious. It’s eye-catching, too, if you make it with a mixture of different-coloured tomatoes’new varieties are coming on the market all the time.

Carrot Salad with Almond Dressing
Use sea salt and agave instead of tamari and honey to make this recipe truly raw.

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