This is What Khloe Kardashian’s Fitness Routine Looks Like After Baby True

The Kardashian admits that she feels strong mentally, “but physically it’s not the same.”

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If you’ve been following Khloe Kardashian’s fitness journey, you know that before becoming pregnant with daughter True, she was a workout warrior. Khloe often filmed her sessions with her personal trainer and shared them on Snapchat and Instagram, giving fans a sneak peek into her revamped lifestyle.

When Khloe became pregnant, she dialed down her workouts, but still made hitting the gym a priority. (She also faced a lot of criticism around her lifestyle during her pregnancy.) She often spoke out about how important it was to her to continue to exercise throughout her pregnancy, saying she “feels off” if she doesn’t do anything. This is what her pregnancy workouts looked like. 

Now that True is one-month-old (and Khloe’s doctor has cleared her to exercise), she’s been itching to get back in the gym. The star recently opened up about seeing those first “post-pregnancy photos,” and said that she’s so excited to “get [her] body back to where it was.”

According to sources, Khloe started slow and steady (always a good idea when getting back into a workout routine) by taking short 15-minute walks with True, pushing the stroller for a bit of resistance. It sounds like the youngest Kardashian is easing back into things, unlike her sister Kim’s strict diet and fitness regimen.

After she was cleared for high-intensity workouts, Khloe apparently went straight for a group class, taking part in a 30-minute full-body climbing class at Rise Nation in Cleveland.

Khloe has also already tapped her trainer “Coach Joe,” to help her get back into her pre-baby shape. And now that she’s wrapped up her first session, in true Kardashian fashion, Khloe’s sharing all the gory details. Explaining that working out is “physically not the same,” the reality star admitted that she’s struggling to get back into the groove, especially with a newborn at home.

But Khloe is up for the challenge: “I’m going to be documenting me trying to get this body back, my mind, everything strong. I want mind, body and soul to be lined up and zen.” Hopefully the public views her post-baby photos a little differently than Beyonce’s post-baby reveal.