People Are Looking At Beyoncé’s Post-Baby Pics All Wrong

Beyoncé posts her post-pregnancy pics on Instagram. And while some media is trying to say that she’s doing a big reveal of her body, but that’s not her message. Like, at all.

Beyoncé Post-Baby Bodyphoto credit: shutterstock

Beyoncé, as its often said about the multiple-Grammy-winning singer, broke the Internet. Again.

When Beyoncé posted images announcing her twins and their names – Sir and Rumi – she bared her stomach and she quickly followed up with a high-waisted mini skirt.

After giving birth, some stars go in hiding. Some will have a big reveal. Often it’ll be on the cover of a magazine wearing a bikini. But not all do this. Especially not Beyoncé.

Her first Instagram post: She’s wearing a beautiful summery gown that is open to show a hint of her stomach, as she holds her twins.

Instead of hiding her stomach, and instead of baring it all, she is just comfortable with her body.

Some have said that it’s flat. But in this photo – if we’re honest with each other – you really can’t see it. And we love that. She’s comfortable in her body to not conceal her stomach, but also not be all showy either.

Two other photos – free of a comment from Beyoncé – she’s dressed up for a night out with her husband Jay-Z.

Beyonce post pregnancy, her first instagram post since the twinsphoto credit: instagram

Props to Beyoncé for going out so soon after her pregnancy. While some new moms may wait longer for this – understandable, and their choice – Queen Bey dressed up in a body-hugging skirt and a flowy top.

Again, some media have said that she’s in super shape right here. And that might be, but the emphasis in her outfit isn’t about a flat stomach, but on all her curves.

But before you take her Insta pics as expectations of what a new mom must look like after giving birth, re-think Beyoncé’s body-image message here: Be confident in who you are, love your body for what it does for you (and your kids), and take pictures of how much fun you’re having.