Caesar mix

The All-Natural Caesar You Won’t Be Able To Resist This Holiday Season

Nothing beats a classic caesar, but why not kick your cocktail up a notch this holiday season with Walter's ready-to-serve mix. Made with all-natural ingredients, this mix is the perfect way to enjoy a Canadian classic.

Curb Your Sweet Tooth With a Strawberry-Rhubarb Caesar

This summer kick back with a spicy, yet oh-so-sweet cocktail that is bound to quench your thirst.

An Epic Bloody Beet Caesar Cocktail for a Hot Summer Day

Whether or not your a fan of beets, it's hard to resist the vivid colour of this cocktail.

This Tangy Thai Caesar Cocktail Will Put You In The Mood for Summer

Get creative with Canada’s national cocktail with this tangy twist. This Thai Caesar cocktail recipe is refreshingly new and delicious....