Our Favourite CBD Edibles, Available in Canada

If you want to try cannabis edibles but are nervous about THC start with these CBD edibles instead! Here's 11 of our favourite CBD edibles in Canada.

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The best CBD edibles in Canada

When cannabis edibles—a category that includes drinks, gummies/soft chews, chocolate, baked goods, tea, dissolvable powder or strips and fizzy drinks—started hitting Canadian shelves in 2019, most companies put their THC goodies out first. THC is psychoactive (it gets you high, sis!) but CBD, the other cannabinoid you’ve probably heard a lot about, doesn’t. CBD has anti-inflammatory and relaxing properties that make it a popular choice for people who are new to weed, or who just aren’t interested in getting buzzed.

I get a lot of requests for recommendations on CBD edibles, so I made it official with this list. Edibles with absolutely zero THC are hard to find, so some of these technically have a touch of THC in them, but I’ve noted which ones do, and I promise it’s such a tiny amount that it’s not noticeable.

I’ve linked to some of the big provincial retailers for easy online shopping, but you can find these products at your local dispensary, too.

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Peach Gummies
Image: Aurora Drift

Aurora Drift Peach Serene CBD Soft Chews

These popular gummies are hard to get your paws on, so if you see them in stock, jump! They were the first CBD-only gummy I tried and really feel more relaxed when I take them. They’re fruity, but they do have a little bit of a weedy taste.

5 pieces, 10mg of CBD each, $11 at Ontario Cannabis Store.

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Image: Quatreau

Quatreau Sparkling Water

If you like La Croix you’ll like these chic, not-sugary sparkling bevs which pack 20mg of CBD into each can and come in flavours like Passionfruit and Guava and Cucumber and Mint. These do have a teeny bit of THC in them (under 1 mg) but I’ve never felt even a tingle of it. (Their other flavours, Ginger and Lime and Blueberry and Acai, have 2mg of THC in them.)

20mg of CBD in a 355mL can for $4 at BC Cannabis Stores

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Chowie Wowie
Image: Chowie Wowie

Chowie Wowie Dark Chocolate CBD

If you’re a dark chocolate fan, this one’s for you. It’s classified as one piece even though it’s easily breakable into two, for sharing and caring.

1 piece, 20mg CBD, $4 at Ontario Cannabis Store

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Image: Everie

Everie CBD Sparkling Beverages

These are my favourite CBD-forward fizzy drinks because they’re sweeter than most of the Perrier-inspired formulas on the market (what can I say, I’m a baby who likes a little bit of sugar! SUE ME!). They come in Mango Passionfruit, Lemon and Lime and Dragon Fruit Watermelon flavours, and have a touch of THC (under 1 mg) in them, but it’s such a small amount it’s not noticeable.

10-11 mg CBD, $5.90 at Ontario Cannabis Store

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Salted Caramel
Image: OCS

Fireside CBD Milk Chocolate Salted Caramel

Um, did someone say salted caramel chocolate? Each of these pieces has 20mg of CBD and 1mg of THC. They come in a dark chocolate formulation, too.

$9 at Ontario Cannabis Store 

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Image: Truss

Truss VeryVell Strawberry Hibiscus Sparkling Water

This lightly carbonated sparkling water tastes a bit flowery with a splash of strawberry and has 15 mg CBD and 0.5 mg THC.

$4 at Ontario Cannabis Stores

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Everie Mint
Image: Everie

Everie Mint CBD Tea

While it may feel weird to pay $15 for three cups of tea, if you really like CBD-only beverages this is about the same price as the sparkling drinks. A mix of peppermint and spearmint leaves bring those sweet Grandma vibes.

Three bags with 10mg of CBD each, $15 at B.C Cannabis Stores

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Dynathrive Pom
Image: Dynathrive

Dynathrive Pomegranate CBD Soft Chews

While 30 gummies seems like a lot, if you take CBD every night like I do, you go through small packs way too quickly. (If you live in Alberta, you can get a 7-pack as a starter set, daily-vitamin style.) These have zero weedy taste and come in a nicely tart apple cider vinegar flavour, too.

30 pieces, 10 mg CBD each, $49 at Ontario Cannabis Store

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Legend CBD Raspberry Milk Chocolate 20:1

I love me a berry and chocolate combo, so this tasty bar (easily split into four pieces) is definitely my jam. Contains 20mg of CBD and a smidge (under 1mg) of THC.

$5 at Ontario Cannabis Store

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Image: UBU

UBU Blackberry and Juniper Berry Sparkling Water

This tall drink of sparkling berrylicious water contains 20mg of CBD and no sugar or sweeteners. (More flavours are coming soon.)

$8 at Ontario Cannabis Store

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Image: Basecamp

Basecamp CBD Iced Tea

They pack 15mg of CBD into this blend of black tea, lemon and a wee bit of sugar. There’s also a touch of caffeine (1mg) thanks to the tea, so keep that in mind if you’re sensitive.

$6 at Ontario Cannabis Store

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