6 Hiking Tips to Make Your Next Adventure That Much Easier

Thanks to these pointers you’ll have a successful hike time and time again.

Hiking Tips, Glacierphoto credit: Bruce Howatt

Whether you’re heading off heli-hiking or just hitting the local trails, these are the hiking tips you should know.

Hiking tip #1: Boots are key

Always break in hiking boots before a trip. This has the added bonus of simultaneously helping you train for the trail. Choose waterproof, above-the-ankle boots.

Hiking tip #2: Pay attention to your feet

To prevent blisters, wear wool or synthetic-blend socks and listen to your feet — attend to hot spots immediately and remember to trim your toenails before a hike.

Hiking tip #3: Extend your legs properly

With each step, fully extend your leg so your skeleton — not your quad muscles — takes your full weight.

Hiking tip #4: Watch your step

Take small, flat-footed steps rather than large strides to ground your body, prevent muscle strain and maintain better balance, on both uphill and downhill sections.

Hiking tip #5: Water is your number one pal

Drink water via a bladder or water bottle to stay hydrated, and bring high-energy snacks.

Hiking tip #6: Wear clothing that breathes

Bring extra, breathable clothing layers to put on or take off as necessary to regulate body temperature. In the high country, it just might snow in July!

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Originally Published in Best Health Canada