These Hand Creams Deserve All The High Fives

See ya later dry hands. These hand creams are saving our skin, nails and cuticles from the harshest winter we’ve seen in a long time.

winter hand creamphoto credit: shutterstock

Winter hand cream SOS

Thanks a lot winter for the dry nails, cracked cuticles and itchy hands. The dry, dry air and indoor heating have made my hands thirsty for hand cream. Enter: My favourite selects. Here is a quick roundup of the hand creams I’m loving lately. So much so, that I have one in every bag.

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winter hand cream Chanel La Creme MainPhoto credit: shutterstock

Luxe life

My hands have learned the meaning of luxury with this hand cream. Not only does the scent smell like I’m ready to tackle the world and the texture melt into my skin, it’s the game-changer packaging that is blowing my mind. It’s shaped like an egg, and you squeeze it like a tube for the perfect amount of cream. Chanel tells me that it took two years to develop the packaging to get it just right. And they did!

Chanel La Crème Main, $70 at

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winter hand creams Fresh Citron de Vigne Moisturizing Handcreamphoto credit: Fresh

Pretty package

I mean, come on! Can hand cream be any cuter? The pretty print has me crushing on this tube, but it’s the formula that I’m really loving. It has a nice, thick but not oily consistency. And it really hydrates. It doesn’t leave that greasy film on your hands – which I like.

Fresh Citron de Vigne Moisturizing Handcream, $18 at

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Winter hand creams, Graydon Hand + Footphoto credit: graydon

Two for one

When it’s time to call in the big guns for your hands, this two-in-one (both a hand and foot cream, so you know it’s hydrating) is up for the job. The scent is light but the texture is like buttah. And another thing about this hand cream I really love: It’s Canadian! Created by Graydon Moffat in Toronto, her stuff has a cult following and I’m a card-holding member.

Graydon Hand + Food Relief Cream, $20 at

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winter hand creams scent bird rose and proseccophoto credit: Scentbird


This had me at rose. And then I was drunk on the prosecco. Not literally, of course, but the scent is dreamy. (Actually all of the ones in the collection are!) This one is more of a gel texture than the others, so it immediately absorbs into the skin.

Scentbird Rose & Prosecco Hand Cream, $14.95 US at

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