The Easiest Way To Fake A Good Night’s Sleep – And Yes, Makeup Is Key

When life gets in the way of catching those precious ZZZs, healthy skin can take a backseat. But here are a few tricks to help you master the “rested” look.

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When sleep is not a priority, make skincare your first

The secret to healthy skin is sleep! When a good night’s rest is the first sacrifice, your mood isn’t the only casualty. “If you don’t get enough sleep, it acts as stress on the body, causing the production of cortisol, which can have numerous effects on the skin,” says Dr. Mike Bell, skincare scientific adviser for No7. You’ll wake up to inflammation, increased sensitivity, reduced immunity and constricted blood vessels, which can appear as a pale complexion or enhanced dark circles.

But there are plenty of tricks to fake a rested, healthy skin look

Use a gentle cleanser and top up on moisturizer with hyaluronic acid before hitting the sheets, says Dr. Bell. To eliminate redness, try the calming benefits of licorice and panthenol. Cozy up to antioxidants, too, which are depleted when skin is stressed. (If you want healthier-looking skin, you should add these five foods into your daily diet.)

And as for the makeup to wake you up

The power of touch can transform a fatigued face, too. “I start by hydrating with a mist and giving a good massage before moisturizer,” says Grace Lee, lead makeup artist for Maybelline New York Canada. “These can help the face look plumper and even toned.” Lee then focuses the on eyes. “I love using colour-correcting pens to fix any redness, darkness and shallowness,” she says. “Use concealer on top sparingly and finish with curling lashes to make eyes look bigger.” (And why shouldn’t your eyes get some attention? Here’s how to keep the focus on you all day long.)

Her final tip? “I like bright lips! They’re a great distraction,” she says.

If you love a bright red lip, we’ve got the most flattering shades for you.

Originally Published in Best Health Canada