Why Halle Berry Says You Don’t Need This To Get Fit

Super fit and always gorgeous, Halle Berry doesn’t mince words about her workout. Here is what she says you need and don’t need to be fit.

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Halle Berry goes back to basics for her workout routine

If there’s a celebrity who’s synonymous with “fitspo,” it’s Halle Berry. The 51-year-old actress has been inspiring women for decades with her ageless beauty and stellar six-pack.

Now, the star is opening up about what it takes to stay in “Halle Berry” shape and there’s one thing that might surprise you: she swears you don’t need a fancy gym. (We tried Meghan Markle’s workout, and it is as hard as you think!)

Sharing some of her top workout tips with her followers on Instagram, Berry said there’s one move that’s been key to her fitness routine – and it doesn’t involve a single piece of exercise equipment. “You don’t need a fancy gym to get started – all you need is a living room, a patio, a kitchen floor, a driveway or a backyard, and a water bottle. This simple exercise is called a plank pull. This starts to strengthen your core, and a strong core has been key to my workouts,” the star explained.

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Though Berry does have a trainer (and she acknowledges the impact he’s had on her physique), she says the most important part is making an effort. “You asked how to get started? It’s simple…you just decide to start! You decide today that you are worth it. Trust me, I know it’s hard to focus up and dedicate time to working out each day, but with 24 hours in a day you can surely take one and dedicate it to you!” (Another celebrity body secret: Drink this every morning.)

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Berry also tackled one of the most common questions: The best way to lose weight. A fan asked if you should lose weight before embarking on a workout routine, and according to her trainer, Peter Lee Thomas, it’s best to do both at the same time. He suggests walking each day or doing jumping jacks for cardio, while using very light weights, or using water bottles in each hand if you don’t have weights. (This Hollywood trainer gives no-nonsense advice on losing belly fat.)

So…a room and water bottles? Count us in.