What It’s Really Like To Do Meghan Markle’s Fave Workout – The Lagree Method

How does Studio Lagree Canada compare to your regular workout? Find out what a Pilates fanatic, a runner and a gym rat think about this Hollywood workout.

Lagree Canada, woman on mega reformerphoto credit: Studio Lagree

Studio Lagree Canada reviews that are all supah honest

The crew at Best Health want you to know what a class is really like, so that is why we do a 3D approach to reviewing a gym – three different views of what it is really like to take a class. Recently your BH Tribe went to  Studio Lagree – and if it is good enough for Meghan Markle, we had to give it a try. Here is what we thought.

But first, the gist of the class, according to Studio Lagree

Created by Sebastien Lagree, this is the method and machine (the Megaformer) has transformed Hollywood’s hottest bodies! The Lagree Fitness Method delivers results fast. The no-impact program features targeted exercises performed at a slow and controlled pace, activating slow twitch muscle fibres to build the long lean physique that has made this workout famous.

Meghan Markle, and this other celeb, swear by the Megaformer.

And now, our thoughts

The Pilates Practitioner

“If you’re a fan of Pilates, but are looking for something even more challenging, then Lagree is the workout for you. Once you get familiar with all the moves – they differ from traditional Pilates ones – and get confident on the Megaformer machine, you will be well on your way to the best full body workout ever.  The majority of the instructors do go around and assist to ensure your form is correct, so even though there are about 25 mega reformers in the class, you do get the attention you need to ensure you are able to maximize the results.” – Ashley Leon

The Running Junkie

“This class introduced me to a whole new level of balance, flexibility and overall endurance. As a newbie to the class and Pilates in general, I was a little hesitant to hop on the Megaformer – but due to how attentive and helpful the instructor was, I quickly felt comfortable. With Lagree’s slow and controlled movements, my body was uncontrollably shaking in no time. I can honestly say this class worked muscles I didn’t even know I had – and as for my core and glutes, their still feeling that Lagree burn four days later!” – Alyssa Ball

The Gym Rat

“I really think this is the class for someone who is bored and unchallenged with their regular workouts. This is hard. And it is unlike any other class I have ever taken. You feel like you are going to fall with every movement. But, as I found out, if you hold your core tight, that won’t happen. Could I do it every day? I’m not sure. But I do think it is a great way to mix things up. Oh, and you will be sore.” – Lisa Hannam

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