Guest post: Say ‘I love you’ with ethical chocolate

Would you say no to chocolate on Valentine’s Day? In 2004, Canadians spent $278 million on Valentine’s Day chocolate and


Would you say no to chocolate on Valentine’s Day?

In 2004, Canadians spent $278 million on Valentine’s Day chocolate and the Retail Council of Canada concluded that in 2013, almost half of the dollars spent on Valentine’s Day in Canada would go towards candy and cards.

Chocolate is supposed to make you feel good (it has numerous health benefits)’but finding out chocolate may have been made at a child’s expense is anything but comforting.

World Vision’s Good Chocolate Guide offers a decadent selection of child labour-free chocolates to indulge in this February 14th that add a whole new spin on the label ‘guilt-free.’

You’ve probably heard of Camino, a popular Canadian brand that specializes in fair-trade certified and organic chocolate made by environmentally responsible family farmers. You’re bound to find the perfect chocolate for your loved one, with 16 delicious flavours to choose from, including coconut, caramel crunch, mint, orange, espresso, hazelnuts, and chilli and spice.

If you’re buying your valentine something beautiful for their home, top up your gift with IKEA’s signature chocolate, made in compliance with their very own Child Labour Code of Conduct.

If your significant other loves animals, they’ll go wild for Endangered Species Chocolate‘each bar features an endangered animal on the packaging and houses chocolate that’s vegan, kosher and gluten-free. Cocoa is sourced from Rain Forest Alliance Certified cacao farms and 10% of net profits go towards efforts to support species conservation and preserving habitats.

You can also try a twist on the traditional chocolate gift. Instead of giving a box of chocolate, make a decadent meal for two using chocolate as an ingredient. Green & Black’s chocolate is fair-trade certified and available in more than 10 varieties. Pick your favourite and visit their Facebook page for recipes. Pictured above is Organic Chocolate Bourbon Cake made with Green & Black’s Organic Dark 70% Chocolate. Yum!

Surprising your loved one with ethical, child labour-free chocolate on Valentine’s Day? Now that’s sweet.

Guest post by Marisa Baratta

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