How To Get Gorgeous Bombshell Lashes

Want long, beautiful eyelashes? Beauty expert Ingrie Williams outlines the three best ways to make your eyes enviably gorgeous.

woman getting bombshell lashes put on by a makeup artistphoto credit: shutterstock

Have you heard? Bombshell lashes are the new brows.

“They frame your face, just like brows do,” says Marni Burton, a celebrity makeup artist for Kiss Products Inc. “Now people are wanting fuller, thicker lashes, just like what we saw with the brow trend.”

Burton may help stars get red-carpet ready, but she lists plenty of reasons to step up your lash game IRL. One of the most convincing reasons? You’ll get brighter eyes, which is especially important for nights when you didn’t get enough sleep.

“Without defined lashes, your eyes look tired, your eye colour isn’t as bright and your eye shape isn’t as spectacular,” she says. “Defining your lashes enhances all of these.” Sold!

Brighter eyes can be yours with a swipe

Mascara is the simplest option to make a bold statement on your eyes – and it’s low commitment. Use a lash curler first to maximize lift and length, then experiment with the latest brush innovations or choose coloured mascara (blue has a universal wow factor) for a bolder look.

Fake it ’til you make it

Faux lashes offer serious bombshell impact, even though they require a little more time.

Burton likes a “Bambi shape,” with longer lashes in the centre to help eyes look refreshed. Measure and trim the lash strip to ensure a perfect fit.

“Trim the outer edge because the inner corner was created to blend seamlessly with your smaller lashes,” she says.

Dab glue along the strip, with more on the ends, and let it become tacky, about 30 seconds. Then use a pair of tweezers and a downward direction to apply the lash strip to the lash line, from outer to inner corner. Burton holds them in place for 10 seconds and uses the back tweezers for extra pressure if needed.

A tinted glint in your eyes

If you have your eye on long-term enhancement, consider a lash tint (especially helpful for pale lashes) or a growth serum to boost a lack lustre fringe.

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Originally Published in Best Health Canada