The Celeb Couples Who Work Out Together, Stay Together

Should working out together be considered quality time? These gorgeous, fit celebrity couples seem to think so, and it works for them.

fit celebrity couples jennifer lopezphoto credit: shutterstock

They are just like us! (Well, some of us.) Fit celebrity couples go on workout dates

There are two types of couples in this world: Those that exercise together, and those who would rather do anything but. And fit celebrity couples (like JLo and her main man) are the same.

No matter where you fall on the fitness fanatic spectrum, some people just don’t like working out with their significant other. Maybe you get sweaty and smelly, or maybe you like to zone out when you work out (and prefer to be undisturbed). Whether it’s a yay or nay, gym-goers feel very strongly about the idea. (Celebs also come up with resolutions every year – checkout the ones they made for 2018.)

Does gym absence make the heart grow fonder?

Not according to Psychology Today, couples who sweat together, may actually have more staying power than the rest of us. Experts say that hitting the gym with your partner can improve the level of satisfaction you feel in your relationship, improve the efficiency of your exercise program, and help you both fall in love. (Here are more star couples romance secrets.)

Fit celebrity couples who go on fit dates may be on to something. From Jelena to JRod, some of Tinseltown’s coolest couples believe in joint workouts.

Just this week, recently reunited couple Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were snapped leaving a hot yoga studio together, presumably after participating in a class, reports Us. They were also spotted riding bikes late last year, which is what sparked reconciliation rumours in the first place (and maybe what brought back the look of love between the two).

Lopez and Alex Rodriguez (better known as JLo and A-Rod, but JRod as a couple) are always pictured working out together – from paparazzi shots to their very own social posts.

Throughout the basketball offseason, mama-to-be Khloe Kardashian regularly shared snaps of her getting her heart rate up with boyfriend Tristan Thompson in her private gym/garage, as shown on

And even superheroes get in on the action. Chris Hemsworth, better known as Thor, regularly exercises with wife Elsa Pataky. From kickboxing to hiking, these two make fitness a family affair. And like normal couples, they post it to Instagram.

Next time you need some motivation to hit the gym, just act like you are Selena or JLo and get your Justin or Arod to tag along.

fit celebrity couples jrodphoto credit: instagram