Why is Everyone So Upset Over Amy Schumer’s New Movie?

What critics are saying about the new film, I Feel Pretty.

Amy Schumer at the premiere for I Feel Prettyphoto credit: shutterstock

In case you missed it, funny lady Amy Schumer is in the midst of a press tour for her new movie, I Feel Pretty.

Like most of her movies, it’s sure to be raunchy, mostly inappropriate and incredibly funny – but this time, her movie’s also making headlines for a different reason.

The movie centres around a woman (Schumer) who falls off a spin bike and wakes up with a newfound self-confidence. For most women, that plot sounds like a dream — but for many critics, the movie is simply an example of “body shaming,” with many comparing it to the early-aughts film Shallow Hal.

The first trailer was met with an immediate backlash. In addition to the Shallow Hal comparisons, critics said the storyline “only continues to perpetuate poor body image.” Fans criticized both Schumer and Saturday Night Live’s Aidy Bryant for starring in a movie with “poor messaging.”

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Schumer and Bryant were both quick to defend the storyline: Schumer said that the movie actually sends a positive message about women’s bodies. “It’s not about an ugly troll becoming beautiful, it’s about a woman who has low self-esteem finding some,” she told Vulture. Schumer also revealed in an interview with CBS This Morning that she refused to let her cellulite and rolls be retouched in post-production.

So is the backlash unfair? I think so. How amazing would it be if one day we all stopped being so damn hard on ourselves? What if one morning, we all woke up and saw how beautiful we are? We appreciated our legs for getting us from point A to point B, instead of wishing our cellulite away. We appreciated our arms for helping us carry children and groceries, instead of worrying about the extra bit of fat that jiggles when we wave goodbye to someone.

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Besides the humour, that’s exactly what I Feel Pretty seems to be all about. It has nothing to do with what Schumer looks like — and whether or not critics think her insecurities are justified. Her character has insecurities, just like every other person on this planet, and one day, thanks to a knock on the noggin, they disappear.

In my opinion, that’s something that should be applauded.

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