Why Having Family Dinner Should Be Your Top Priority

It’s the best way to bring everyone together.

photo credit: shutterstock

Celebrity chef David Rocco shares his top advice on having more family dinners together this winter — the best way to bring everyone together!

Food and family seem to go hand in hand. Why do you think that is? 

It’s the universal truth: We all have to eat. Food connects people unlike anything else. It’s a way of bringing the family together. It’s good to have an excuse to sit down and spend time together.

Do you have any tips for getting everyone involved in meal prep and actually eating together?

For us, it’s all about getting the kids engaged in cooking and in the kitchen. It’s an essential part of our family. They do their homework at the kitchen table so they’re close by for conversation or they help to prepare the meal with us. I find that when kids help create the meal or even participate in a small way by setting the table, they are more inclined to stay and be interested in family time.

What’s your favourite no-fail, crowd-pleasing recipe?

Riso Con Salsa di Pomodoro, because kids love it and it’s quick and easy. We usually already have tomato sauce ready to go, and it’s easy to cook up the rice or make it in advance. It takes no time at all to heat up and mix together with some salt and fresh Parmigiano-Reggiano. It’s a simple yet versatile dish, and you can fancy it up by adding pesto, sun-dried tomatoes or olives.

photo credit: francesco lastrucci