The Healthiest Way To Spend Time With Family

Family fitness is a great way to spend time with your loved ones and still break a sweat each and every day.

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Try Family Fitness

 Families That Play Together Stay Together

Working out with kin is a win-win. Sure, you’ll burn calories and tighten your core, but even better are the bonds you’ll create with the people you love most. Meet eight amazing Canadians who make time for family fitness – and are better for it. 

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[/media-credit] Dee Connolly, 49, Sadhbh, 16 (left) and Albie, 19

Siblings and Their Mom 

Activity of Choice 

Rollerblading, running and volleyball

We Do It Because…

“It’s nice to have opportunities to spend time together,” says Sadhbh. “I don’t think we would hang out as much if we weren’t doing these things together,” adds Albie. “They’re teenagers and they still like to hang out with me, which is great,” says Dee.

Why Family Fitness is a Priority

“I like that they see how important it is to be active and how much fun it can be,” says Dee.  “I love spending time with my girls, and being active together is cherished bonding time.” 

What Makes It Fun to Workout With Mom? 

“The competition is different – it’s more competitive,” says Sadhbh. “Yeah,” adds Albie.   “If we’re playing tennis, I want to kick her butt every time!”

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[/media-credit] Pattie Lovett-Reid, 58 and Jane Lovett, 28

Mom and Daughter 

Pattie Lovett-Reid, 58 and Jane Lovett, 28

Activity of Choice 

Boxing (with bags, not each other!)

We Do It Because…

Everyone gets older, but if you feel like you’ve done the best you can to stay healthy and active, then you have a better quality of life,” says Pattie.  “There are so many benefits for connecting: with family, our health and wellness and on all levels that go far beyond the boxing ring,” she says. “We also hold each other accountable to go to the classes,” adds Jane. “My mom helps me step up my game. Plus, I think we’re a lot closer because of it.”

Why Family Fitness is A Priority 

“We all want to be around for each other for a long time,” says Pattie. “Working out with family forces you to carve out time to actually do things rather than carving out time just sitting around. It’s like we’re multi-tasking in a healthy way.” Jane agrees: “And it’s pretty cool to be in a room and work out where my mom can work out just as hard as – if not harder than – the other people in the room.” 

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[/media-credit] May Chen Ho, 59, Julian Ho 29, David Ho, 65

Son and Parents 

Activity of Choice 

Personal training. “I train my parents one-on-one,” says Julian. “I oversee their swimming, hiking and active lifestyles. When I was a kid, my dad taught me how to play soccer, so it’s been a nice role reversal to teach him something.”

We Do It Because…

“It’s not only about being more active; it’s about the food we eat, too,” says May. “Our lifestyle has changed according to what he preaches. If Julian didn’t share his knowledge, our lives might be very different. We’re trying to keep up with him.” David adds, “Yes, Julian is the challenger – he made me see that there’s no age limit to health, as long as you’re willing to move forward and take care of yourself.”

Why Family Fitness is a Priority 

“Working out as a family is holistic,” says Julian. “It’s not only the physical fitness that matters; we share meals together, we watch movies together, we’re sad together and happy together. On that level, it goes much deeper than working out. I always say that it’s important to work out, but you also have to ‘work in.’ My parents meditate, so I started joining them. I was influenced by them, and that’s another way we balance our lives.”

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