Facial Massage and Other Skin Secrets

Facial massage is the latest Asian beauty trend to make its way to North America. Here’s more on the benefits

Facial Massage and Other Skin Secrets

Source: Best Health magazine, September 2015

We caught up with Dr. Terry Malaysian-born, London-based global skin care expert for The Body Shop, to get the scoop on amazing skin.

Asian beauty routines are having a major impact on North American skin care trends. What is it about Eastern culture that is so inspiring?
Asian women have always had skin care in their culture, and they learn how to look after themselves from a young age. Asia is also very into the holistic, natural side of skin care, as well as scientific ingredients.

You’ve developed a facial massage technique for applying product. What are some of the benefits of regular massage?
In the short term, it helps to flush the toxins out of your skin, which can reduce breakouts and puffiness. It also helps improve circulation and the absorption of ingredients, so you can maximize the investment you’ve made in your skin care. In the long term, all those benefits will help your skin renew itself, so you will look younger longer.

What other factors should women consider when taking care of themselves?
Three things: Eat well, sleep well, love well. Diet and sleep are very important, as we all know. And love not just yourself but what you do. Being creatively challenged and stimulated and doing what you’re passionate about ‘ play a role.

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How to: The Body Shop Bouncy Massage Technique

Dr. Terry has specially designed a massage technique with memorable phrases. Do the routine twice when applying product to stimulate your lymphatic system, encouraging circulation and better absorption of the mask for skin that feels renewed and bouncy.