How This $500 Blow Dryer Actually Works

Here are three things we bet you didn’t know about the research behind a blow-dryer from industry insider Tom Crawford, global category director of personal care for Dyson

dyson blow-dryer

Hot Stuff

“We found that when hair is exposed to extreme heat, pores can begin to form within the strands,” says Dyson’s Tom Crawford. When light hits these pores, it scatters in all directions, reducing reflected light and decreasing shine.” To minimize damage, high-tech thermal control measures exit temperature 20 times a second, so the machine won’t exceed 212°F.

Wrist Shots

“We observed more than 100 women over two continents washing and drying their hair. Given the number of angle changes and the typical weight of a conventional blow-dryer, it took, on average, less than five seconds for a woman to feel the strain on her wrists and arms.” Hence, Dyson put its smallest digital motor inside the handle, engineered for balance.

Bespoke Blow Dry 

Different hair types react differently to heat and air turbulence. “The Supersonic has four heat settings to ensure optimal heat levels for each user. There are also three airflow settings – it’s important to know that faster drying isn’t just about heat or high-speed air but also having the right balance of pressure and turbulence.”

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Originally Published in Best Health Canada