Canadian Fitness Influencers Who Will Motivate You to Get Fit this Year

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Canadian Fitness InfluencersPhoto Credit: Shutterstock

We all know how the New Year goes — after indulging in all the treats and alcohol the holiday season has to offer, we become committed to getting back on track with our fitness game, which means reintroducing a healthy diet and, of course, hitting the gym.

But there’s a reason why gyms are filled up the first couple of weeks of January and then become deserted around week three or four — the motivation to become as fit as possible gradually weans and most people give up on their plans to exercise regularly. And we get it… life seems to take over a few weeks after the holiday season ends, and motivation to work out can fade quickly.

Luckily there are a few ways to motivate yourself to stay fit in the New Year, including getting some inspiration from some of Canada’s top fitness influencers. These homegrown women and men don’t just show off their bodies on their Instagram feeds, they also show the hard work it takes to get there (and will inspire you to get there, too!).

Below are 10 Canadian fitness influencers to follow on Instagram to keep you motivated in 2019.

Johanna Seier 

Often times, fitness influencers are seen as aspirational as opposed to relatable, but Johanna Seier manages to be both. The Winnipeg-based trainer and founder of Fit Girl Gang (an online female fitness program that harnesses the power of community to support each member through their goals) is as real as she is fit, and a quick glance at her feed will prove it. You may be inclined to follow Johanna for her #fitspo pics, but you’ll stay around for her unfiltered images and messages of self-love and acceptance.

Beverley Cheng 

If you need a quick but effective workout to follow, look no further than Beverley Cheng’s page. Bev, who is the woman behind Born to Sweat and the 30 Days to Fit program, offers some killer workouts right on her Instagram feed, so you can easily follow along and work on building that booty and training that core. And in case you need further incentive, one quick look at her abs and glutes should do the trick!

Lara Marquez 

If you think getting fit after childbirth is a myth, think again. Lara Marquez, a Toronto-based trainer and coach and founder of Drop Boxing (opening 2019) is proof that mamas, too, can be fit AF. On her page, you’ll find some boxing and strength training circuit videos, motivational posts and adorable photos of her mom life.

Caleigh Rykiss

The true definition of a boss babe, Caleigh Rykiss is the person to follow if you want inspiration from a strong, badass woman. The founder of BodyLove Inc. (a.k.a. BOLO) in Toronto is a self-professed “body love crusader” and her feed reflects that mantra. Follow along if you want to be inspired to fearlessly follow your dreams… or if you need a reminder of what a badass you are.

Jay Agustin, a.k.a. Wall St. Fitness 

If you’ve ever tried animal flow, you know that it’s not easy, but somehow, Jay Agustin, founder of Wall St. Fitness, makes it look effortless and graceful, yet powerful at the same time. Jay’s feed is full of flow videos, complete with instructions so you can try the movements for yourself at home.

Cassie Day 

One of the biggest motivating factors in fitness (and in life!) is passion, and Cassie Day oozes of it. It’s clear the Toronto-based trainer and founder of All Day Fit and Fit Escapes retreats has a genuine love for the fitness and health industry — just look at her infectious smile on the majority of her posts.

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5 problems in the fitness industry that I set on a mission to break the day I launched All Day Fit ❌ Males in the weight room, females on the treadmills ❌ Unawareness of form and lack of education about the body ❌ Train hard or remain the same ❌ NO PAIN = NO GAIN ❌ Working out is something we “have to do” to achieve the ideal body The ultimate goal is longevity. Strength training is a solid pillar in longevity. WHAT I VALUE: ✅ Building strength is for everyone ✅ Education on proper form comes first ✅ Consistency is key ???? ✅ Workouts should build you, not beat you. You don’t need to sacrifice your knees, shoulders or low back to be fit. ✅ Training in a positive environment promotes everyone’s success (and success doesn’t always mean body composition changes)! . What are your fitness values? #DayByDay #HereToCreate #BreakingBarriers

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Jessica Webb 

Since Jessica Webb is both a trainer and a registered massage therapist, her feed is not just filled with workouts, but also with tips and tricks for rehabilitation and stabilization. On her page, you’ll find videos on everything from improving ankle mobility to loosening hips and unilateral hip activation (a.k.a. waking up lazy glutes).

Brent Bishop

Brent Bishop is the real deal. The Toronto-based celebrity trainer, on-air fitness expert and owner of Think Fitness studios holds a wealth of knowledge when it comes to fitness and health, which is why he’s a go-to in the industry. Follow for his challenging and creative #WeeklyWorkouts, #AddThisMove series (where he demonstrates an exercise to incorporate into your routine), and adorable pics of his son.

Kaitlyn and Sydney a.k.a. Yoga Twins 

For those needing inspiration to deepen their yoga practice, the Yoga Twins are your girls. Best friends Kaitlyn and Sydney have a feed filled with impressive poses that will make you want to grab your bestie and work through some partner stretches, strengthening exercises and yoga postures.

Paulina Witkowski 

Currently working out for two? So is Paulina Witkowski. The barre and Pilates instructor recently announced she’s going to be a mother and has been showcasing her modified workouts on her feed. Those who aren’t with child can also find inspo from Paulina’s previous posts, where she demonstrates some seriously stunning dancer-like movements.

For more motivation, follow along with fitness expert Jillian Michaels in this 7-minute circuit or plank variations workout video.