Canada’s healthiest restaurants: HealthFare

Nutritious choices are easy at this Edmonton spot

Canada's healthiest restaurants: HealthFare

Source: Best Health Magazine, September 2009

After he had one too many calorie-dense and nutrition-poor takeout lunches, Mark Bakker, 32, got the brilliant idea to start his own restaurant. HealthFare opened its doors in Edmonton just over a year ago and it has been so well received, another location will open this month.

Bakker consulted with registered dietitians to develop the menu, which includes the calories for each selection (grams of fat will be added soon, too)’so it’s hard to make a bad choice. ‘Everything on the menu meets Canada’s Food Guide for healthy eating requirements,’ says Bakker. And in keeping with the healthy vibe, Bakker made sure HealthFare is also eco friendly, from the flooring (made of non-toxic materials) to the chairs (made of recycled plastic). A bonus: It’s kid-friendly. 10865’23rd Ave.,

Want a taste of what HealthFare has to offer? Try this recipe, which the restaurant shared with Best Health: HealthFare’s Chicken, Peanut and Lime Rice Bowl.

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