Best Health Magazine: September 2009

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Best Health Magazine: September 2009

New & Now

Which veggies keep their antioxidants when cooked? ‘ Your essential daily stretch ‘ Find out where to recycle batteries ‘ The DNA test that’s more effective than a Pap ‘ A new eating disorder: Obsessive healthy eating ‘ Time to plant some bulbs ‘ Men who drink make ‘better lovers ‘ We tested ‘green’ cleaning products ‘ Book picks ‘ Latest research on family health ‘ They have a passion for bouldering ‘ Great gear for rock climbing ‘ Staff-tested: Three grocery products ‘ Good news and bad news about cancer ‘ A lifesaver for your first-aid kit ‘ Eco-friendly beauty products ‘ Best fast-food swap ‘ Your pet’s health ‘ Make this low-G.I. smoothie ‘ A cool garage organizer

Look Great

30 Sculpt Your Waist
Three simple moves to define your midsection.
32 Beauty Bar
Our makeup, fragrance, hair and skincare picks.
34 Paradise, Home and Away
We highlight two dreamy spas.
36 Kick Those Bad Beauty Moves!
How to break six unhealthy habits. Plus, one reader shares her go-to beauty product for busy days.
38 Staff-Tested: Eye Makeup Removers
Here’s what works.
40 New At-Home Beauty Devices
They remove unwanted hair, clear ‘up adult acne, deep-clean and smooth wrinkles. Are they right for you?
42 Soak Up Olive Oil
This ancient ingredient is a skincare heavyweight.
44 Look Fresher and Younger’For Free
Facial massage is a secret of some world-class beauties. Here’s how to do it.
46 The Truth About Nail Polish Remover
Is it safe? We investigate.

Get Healthy

52 Lose a Pound a Week
You can do it without really trying! We put together two weeks’ worth of ideas to get you started.
54 Get Motivated to Run!
Got PMS? A sore knee? Or just feeling lazy? We’ve busted 12 excuses to help you get out the door.
57 Allergy Action Plan
Your best remedies. Plus: How do you tell whether it’s hay fever or a cold?
61 Male Call
Is he a snorer? Here’s what it could mean to his health.
62 Diagnosis: Thyroid Disease
Should you get checked?
67 Sex, for Health’s Sake
It’s good for you in so many ways.
72 A Hands-On Approach
Our writer shares how physiotherapy helped heal her aches and pains. Can it help you?
76 What Works, What Doesn’t
We answer your health questions.
78 The Truth About Cellphones
Why they may be harmful’especially for children’and how to limit the risk.
80 Dreaming of Sleep?
Get the night’s rest you crave with our easy plan.

Eat Well

86 Fresh & Juicy Seasonal Fruits
Peaches, nectarines, apricots, plums’take your healthy pick. Bonus: New ways to work them into meals.
88 New Twists on 10 Great Foods
Can’t get enough of super-foods? ‘Here are 10 tasty new ones (and some great prep tips, too).
93 Quick Fixes
Healthy dishes you can make in about 30 minutes.
96 Paul Finkelstein
Our chef’s go-to lunch recipes you can make tonight, ‘and bring for lunch tomorrow.
100 Four Myths About ‘Nightshade’ Vegetables
Some diets suggest avoiding potatoes, tomatoes and eggplant. They’re wrong’here’s why.
102 Community Kitchen
Three readers share their fave nutritious recipes.
104 Canada’s Healthiest Restaurants
We highlight four spots across the country. Bonus: We’ve included a tangy chicken recipe.
106 Dissecting Canada’s Food Guide
What it’s good for, what it isn’t.

Embrace Life

114 Petra Cooper’s Change of Heart
Using her business skills to become ‘a cheese maker helped this woman regain health and joy.
118 Surviving Breast Cancer
A young woman takes to her feet to raise funds to fight this disease’all for the sake of her daughter.
120 Downsides of Viagra
Meds to treat erectile dysfunction help some ‘couples, but for others they may have relationship side effects.
123 Finding Old Friends Online
What are we really looking for when ‘we start digging into the past?
128 Happiness: Are You There Yet?
Take our quiz and find out.
131 Trying Tai Chi
Writer Patricia Pearson takes a turn at this Chinese art.
135 Bonnie’s Best Health Minute
Our editor’s roundup of top tips.
136 My Healthy Life
Dishing in this issue: Figure skater Elizabeth Manley.

6 Editor’s Note
8 Community Centre
10 Web Editor’s Note
11 Get It Together!
12 Letters
14 Contributors
134 Shopping Guide

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