How Badass Is a BOLO Class? We Found Out What It’s Really Like

Find out what a Pilates enthusiast, runner, spinner and gym rat think about this hard-hitting workout.

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If you’ve stepped into Body Love Inc. (aka BOLO) recently, then you know just how inviting and ballin’ their new space is. (It’s literally, founder Caleigh Rykiss‘ vision board come true!) Located just down the street from their temporary pop-up location in Toronto’s downtown core (on Richmond and Peter), Rykiss is building a gym community in a way that has never been done in North America before. Offering everything from a hot room, boxing ring, café and lounge to a blowout and beauty bar, we couldn’t wait to check out the space for ourselves and experience one of their beloved HIIT workouts.

The gist of the class, according to BOLO

This HIIT workout included a 30-minute Power Hour that pushes the limits of your strength through weight lifting, calisthenics, and explosive athletic conditioning, as well as a 15-minute Core Quencher in a hot room that uses everything from bands to gliders to balls.

And now, our thoughts:

The Pilates Practitioner

“I felt only good vibes when I walked through BOLO’s front doors. The chic space, uplifting atmosphere, and warmth from the team is enough to make you want to stay all day — and as for the workout itself? I found the combination of strength training using the TRX ropes and weights to be of an intensity that my Pilates class just can’t give me. But I think my favourite part of the workout was blasting my abs hardcore in the hot room. It was challenging and so very sweaty, but in a I-know-I-kicked-butt-kind-of-way.” — Alyssa Ball, assistant web editor (Check out which natural deodorant passed our sweat-test.)

The Running Junkie

“I usually love variety with my workouts (running, spin, bootcamp) but I’m currently training for fall races so I’m averaging 3-4 runs per week. That doesn’t leave a lot of time for me to fit in other workouts so it’s been a while since I did a class like this. And boy could I feel it! The squats left me jelly-legged and the final ab session in the hot room was the kicker. The biggest takeaway for me? I need to start incorporating more strength workouts into my fitness schedule — and I’ll start by going back to BOLO.” — Melissa Greer, web editor

The Spin Master

“I enjoy the simplicity of a spinning, but sometimes struggle with motivation and find myself “zoning out” toward the end of the class. BOLO leaves no opportunity for that. I found myself using muscles I clearly hadn’t activated in months, with a mix of body weight exercises, TRX moves, kettle bell lifts and more. It kept my brain occupied too: the fast-paced, team-oriented atmosphere didn’t allow for boredom. The best (and worst) part? You’re sore for days after, so you know it challenged your muscles.” — Courtney-Reilly Larke, assistant editor

The Gym Rat

“This workout is definitely for someone who’s not the biggest fan of doing hours of (boring) cardio, like myself. The circuit combines strength training and high-intensity cardio in a way that’s enjoyable. I was actually surprised at how quickly time flew by! As if I wasn’t sweating enough, the core workout in the hot room was the perfect finisher that left me sore the next day.” — Jela Tejada, editorial assistant

BOLOphoto credit: BOLO

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