Best Health Magazine: Spring 2008

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Best Health Magazine: Spring 2008

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Pages 21-35
Five disease-fighting foods ‘ Best yoga stretch ‘ Almonds almighty ‘ Fast-food swap ‘ What causes adult acne? ‘ Eco-conscious beauty products ‘ HPV vaccine for mid-life women? ‘ Test your ovarian reserve ‘ DVDs for your pet ‘ Manage your family’s medical records ‘ Anti-allergy vacuum cleaners ‘ Spa paradises ‘ Best books and DVDs ‘ Energizing workout music ‘ Coming soon: nutrition-ranked foods ‘ Global disease prevention ‘ Probiotics, the good-for-you bacteria ‘ Yoga mini-wardrobe ‘ Inspired by IndiaLow-emission paintsVirtual health challenge ‘ Family health, by the numbers

Look Great

38 Feed Your Skin
From grape serums to mushroom moisturizers to white-tea eye treatments, the latest skin care recipes put the spotlight on food.
42 Younger, Stronger, Sexier
What’s one of the best things you can do to improve your looks and your health? Start light weightlifting.
48 ‘I Reached Nirvana in 2.5 Seconds’
A 35-year-old spa virgin tells all.
50 Beauty Bar
Our roundup of makeup, hair and skin care products.
52 Hair Rx
Make it thicker and shinier’with every wash (really!).
56 White Fever
Can today’s amazing array of teeth whiteners deliver a dazzling smile? We tested them to find out.
60 Spring Beauty Boosts
The season’s blossoming trends are decidedly pretty, fresh and simple to adapt.
66 Secrets of Scent
It’s invisible, yet sensual and powerful’and we’ve put together a guide to help you find the perfume that suits you best.
71 The Truth About Makeup Expiry Dates
When do you really need to toss your cosmetics?

Get Healthy

74 Walk Off 10 Pounds
Do it in eight weeks with our exclusive plan.
80 Toxic Truths
How much should you worry about some common household products?
83 Canada’s Healthiest Cities
We rated them from east to west.
88 Diagnosis: Breast Cancer
There’s new thinking about the disease that every woman fears.
92 Pillow Talk From a Sleep Doc
A medical expert reveals the three things that help her deal with her own insomnia.
95 Healthy Humour
Our reporter’s take on the pole-dancing craze.
96 Male Call
How to get your favourite guy to visit the doctor.
98 It Worked For Me!
One woman tells how she finally quit smoking.
101 Pain, Pain, Go Away
The best over-the-counter pills for your ache.
103 Quiz: Rate Your Health
Take stock of your habits, and then find out how to improve your life through diet and exercise.

Eat Well

09 Zest for Spring
Fresh new ideas for squeezing more nutrient-packed citrus fruits into your diet.
115 Let’s Ban Trans Fats
Why they should be outlawed in Canada.
118 Quick Fixes
Healthy suppers you can make in about 30 minutes.
123 Tired of dieting?
Then try these seven get-slim strategies.
128 Meet Canada’s Fresh-Food Celebrity
Paul Finkelstein has created some unique take-with-you lunch recipes exclusively for Best Health.
134 Oh-mega!
Why you can’t do without omega-3 fatty acids.
138 Test Your Supermarket Smarts
Take our quiz to find out how much you already know (and learn seven smart nutrition tips).
140 Healthy Picks
Three new good-for-you choices for your shopping cart.

Embrace Life

144 Taste for Life
How one woman swapped burnout for a delicious new career leading culinary tours in Turkey.
150 Nine No-Fail Stress Busters
Relax with these research-based tips.
154 Force of Nature
Find out why experts are saying ‘horticultural therapy’ is helpful in treating anxiety and depression.
161 Just a Quirk?
All of us have our idiosyncrasies. But when do you need to fret about your funny little habits?
164 Better Sex Now
Three things to tell him’and three things to ask.
166 Pedal Power
This group of Vancouver women know how to live it up!
168 Wine and Your Health
To drink, or not to drink? Finally, the answer.
170 Win At Work
Leave your psychological baggage at the office door.
176 My Healthy Life
A Halifax yoga instructor shares her wellness secrets.

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