Hair Rx!

Pro tips for the shiniest, healthiest hair ever

Hair Rx!

Source: Best Health Magazine, Spring 2008

It’s obvious we expect a whole lot more from our hair products than just clean locks. Taking special care of our hair is now regarded as an affordable luxury, which is why professional-grade products and beautiful, stylish bottles are filling the hair care shelves. And while we might not want to spend too many dollars or hours in a hair salon, we crave salon-inspired hair care in our quest to restore strength and elasticity, add volume, retain colour, minimize frizz, add shine and lock in moisture.

Martin Hillier, co-owner of The Lounge Hair Studio in Vancouver and international artistic director for Shiseido’s Senscience hair products, offers this practical advice on caring for your hair.

When growing it out from a shorter style, trim every six weeks to prevent split ends. This, of course, has the benefit of keeping it looking stylish and neat, too. Once it grows to the length you want, trim every eight weeks.

If you still have split ends despite trimming, your hair lacks moisture and protein. Try a silicone-based product such as Renew Shine Serum by Senscience ($18, 50 mL) or Joico’s Silk Result Sheer Gloss ($20, 50 mL).

Use a good-quality brush with boar bristles, available in some hair salons and drugstores. “They’re expensive, but will last years,” says Hillier. Nylon or plastic vent brushes work well too, but you should inspect the bristle tips every so often if they have bobbles. “Over time the bobbles can come off, and the plastic tips will start ripping into your hair.”

Massage your scalp for a few moments in the shower. “This will ensure that not only is the shampoo or conditioner doing its job on your hair, but your scalp is getting some stimulus and blood flow.” It may help reduce hair loss and problems with hair getting finer, says Hillier.

If your hair is fine or oily, keep water tepid when washing it. Your scalp produces more oil if it’s stimulated with heat. Even if oiliness is not a concern, try a cool rinse at the end. “It will help to close the cuticle,” Hillier explains, “and that can make it a little bit easier for combing.”

When you use a flat iron to straighten your hair, avoid heat damage by using a thermal protector that helps lock moisture in. Spray each section with the protector, then use a comb with your flat iron to make sure the hair stays smooth. That way you won’t be pressing in waves or tangles, Hillier advises.

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