Best Health Magazine: March/April 2013

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Best Health Magazine: March/April 2013


What’s new

Swap & Drop™: Fast-food salads
Salads aren’t always the healthiest option on the menu. Find out which ones you’ll want to swap for something else (even a burger!) at

Which type of yoga is for you?
From Ashtanga to restorative to Bikram yoga, there are plenty of styles to choose from. We’ve decoded 10 of the most popular to help you find the practice that’s right for you. Learn more at

How to be a healthy traveller
Make sure the only extra pounds you return with are in your suitcase. Get strategies to prevent vacation weight gain at

New & Now

How to prevent ‘brain shrinkage’ ‘ Your essential daily stretch ‘ Fit Friends: Joining a swim club ‘ Get your bicycle ready for spring ‘ Eco-friendly beauty picks ‘ Can your eyeballs get sunburned? ‘ Roundup of yoga props ‘ How to care for your cat’s claws ‘ Banana-walnut smoothie recipe ‘ Staff-Tested: Four new, health-conscious munchies ‘ The latest family health studies ‘ That’s one chic-looking bandage! ‘ Counterintuitive: The link between PMS and mood ‘ Swap & Drop™ Food Court (plus a delicious recipe)

Look Great

32 Move Over, Lululemon Here are just a few of the niche Canadian companies offering yoga-inspired athletic wear.
40 Beauty Bar Our makeup, hair and skincare picks.
42 Staff-Tested We tried out the latest BB creams.
BONUS: One year ago, we ran a piece on the origins of BB creams (and included a roundup of BBs from Garnier, Wichy, Estée Lauder and more). Read the article here.

44 Help Me, Rhonda! Our Beauty Editor on how to handle those surprise extra charges at the hair salon.
BONUS: Find out how much should you tip at the salon.

48 Paradise, Home & Away Two breathtaking spas: one in Spain, and one in downtown Toronto.
51 What’s New in Teeth Whiteners? We rounded up the latest products and asked dental professionals for their advice.

Get Healthy

56 10-Minute Tuneups It’s easy to fit in exercise when it takes just minutes a day. This issue: Mix it up with some fresh moves!
BONUS: Watch the video for 10-Minute Tuneups: Fresh Moves.
61 The Future of Health Care What innovations are coming soon’and what’s already here? You’ll be amazed.
BONUS: Learn about some Canadian women who are making a difference in health care.
67 Help for Headaches Over-the-counter remedies that can offer relief for what pains you.
BONUS: Find out more natural ways to relieve headache pain.
70 Best Health for Men If your loved one avoids physicals, make sure he reads this article.
BONUS: Learn about the five biggest health mistakes men make.
74 Girlfriend’s Guide: Iron Deficiency Millions of Canadian women of reproductive age don’t get enough iron. Are you one of them?
79 Yoga: The Secret to Staying Young? New research shows it can keep you healthier’and more youthful. Here’s how.
BONUS: Find out four ways yoga helps to improve health health.

Eat Well

86 Naturally Flavoured Why add salt when spices add so much flavour ‘and so many health benefits? Try these recipe ideas!
89 Quick Fixes Meals you can get on the table in about 30 minutes.
BONUS: Get more quick and healthy recipes at
93 Community Kitchen A reader shares a favourite side-dish recipe (it’s been in her family for more than 50 years!).
95 Portion Checker™ What does a serving of fruit actually look like?
96 Zen Foods Ideas for how to get the most from your yoga class.
BONUS: Order your own copy of Swap & Drop Diet Cookbook at
98 Swap & Drop™ Grocery switches to help boost your fibre intake.
BONUS: Check out our Swap & Drop Diet book at
100 Waste Not Canadian households throw out a lot of unused food. A few simple changes can help you waste less.
BONUS: Get more ways to waste less food (and money!).
103 Reduce Your ‘Cookprint’ Dietitian Sue Mah offers tips for being an eco-friendly cook’just in time for Earth Day.
BONUS: Get more eco-friendly cooking ideas.
104 Delicious Stews Three favourites from fresh-food chef Paul Finkelstein (plus, his five kitchen must-haves).
BONUS: Try more of our healthy stew recipes.

Embrace Life

112 Quiz: Travel Safety Going on holidays? Take our quiz and learn ways ‘to have a trouble-free time.
BONUS: Try more of our quizzes at
117 Ask a Sex and Relationships Therapist Psychologist Cheryl Fraser answers your questions. This issue: ‘Can I really find love online?’
119 The Yoga Cure: ‘It Works For Me!’ The stories of two women who discovered how to sleep better and get rid of stress.
122 Your Kitchen Green Team Up your EQ (Eco-friendly Quotient) with these new kitchen products.
125 Healthy Money Our money columnist, Katie Dunsworth, shares smart ways to add money to your household income.