Test your health with our quizzes

Want to live your healthiest life? Get to know your fitness style, eating habits, stress levels and more with these quizzes

Test your health with our quizzes

What’s your organic food IQ?

To create this quiz, we talked to Canadian experts to find out which organic foods may be worth spending more money on. What’s your ‘organic quotient’?

How much do you know about weight loss?

Take our quiz to see how much you know about what it takes to lose weight.

How healthy is your heart?

A stressful relationship, not eating enough produce and even your choice of birth control can all take a toll on your heart. Take our quiz and learn more about how to keep your ticker in top shape.

Do you have a toxic friend?

Good friendships are vital to your health, but bad ones could be emotionally draining. Take our quiz and find out if you’re dealing with a toxic friendship.

How active are you?

Are you getting enough exercise in your daily life? Find out how active you are with our quiz.

How clean is your lifestyle?

Are you doing everything you can to ensure you stay healthy? Find out with our quiz.

How sleep-deprived are you?

Are you getting the sleep your body needs? Take our quiz and find out just how rested you really are.

What’s your fitness personality?

Finding exercises that fit your lifestyle may be the key to sticking with them. Take our quiz and then find the activities that best suit you.

What’s your perfume scent personality?

It’s a daunting task’rummaging through perfume bottles to find a scent that’s perfectly you. Narrow down your choices by taking our quiz, and see what selections are best for you.

Do you make a good first impression?

It takes no more than three minutes for people to decide what they think of someone. So what message are you sending? Take our quiz and find out.

Is your diet hurting, or helping your allergies?

Eating the right foods can help heal nearly any health problem, including asthma and allergies. Answer these questions to find out if your diet is hurting or helping your symptoms.

Do you have a healthy sex life?

Best Health spoke with sex therapists and psychologists to get their insights on what your views and habits reveal about your sexual relationship, and how to make it even better.

Is your diet heart-friendly?

Your diet makes all the difference between helping and hurting your heart. Find out if your diet is doing damage to your ticker.

Quiz: How safe is your food?
There are millions of cases of food-borne illnesses in Canada each year. ‘Here’s how to handle your food safely.

Quiz: How healthy are your supermarket choices?
Test your grocery smarts to ensure you’re buying the healthiest options available.

Quiz: Are you being bullied?
Take our quiz to find out what kind of bully you’re facing, and how to handle them.

Quiz: Are you making time for your health?
It’s important to make your health a priority. Take our quiz and find out if you need to schedule more time for your health.

Quiz: What’s your style personality?
Is your fashion sense trendy or timeless? Are you drawn to edgy glamour or are you more simple and natural? Whatever your look, it’s linked to everything from your fantasy vacation and fitness habits to your food philosophy and dream date.

Quiz: What type of fitness is best for you?
Finding exercises that fit your lifestyle may be the key to sticking with them. Take our quiz and then find the activities that best suit you.

Quiz: How well do you cope with change?
Are you always trying something new, or do you worry constantly? Take our quiz, then learn strategies for coping with the changes that life sends your way.