Best Health Magazine: January/February 2009

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Best Health Magazine: January/February 2009

New & Now

Pages 17-26
Good news for white-wine lovers ‘ Best stretch: back ‘ Is your cat fat? ‘ Fast-food healthy swap ‘ Can light therapy stave off the winter blues? ‘ A mini-wardrobe for skating ‘ Amazing nutrient-rich avocados ‘ Canadian women and cardiovascular disease: not a pretty sight ‘ Family health, by the numbers ‘ Dance your way fit with this fun, girls-only workout ‘ New fitness trend: web-based routines ‘ Our book and DVD choices ‘ Goodbye, paper coffee cups! ‘ Spa paradises in B.C. and Mexico ‘ Can colon cleanses really improve your health? ‘ An innovative gym bag ‘ Why love and affection are good for your health ‘ Eco-friendly beauty products

Look Great

30 Resolve To: Tone Up!
For a stronger, sexier body, try these six calorie-busting (but easy!) exercises. Plus: new ideas for reaching your goals.
36 Beauty Bar
Our roundup of makeup, scent and skincare picks.
38 Flip, Fluff & Fly
The latest hair tools can get you out the door fast.
39 Skin Care 101
Two dermatologists share their tricks for beautiful skin.
42 Certified Organic?
How can you be sure a beauty product is what it claims to be? Here’s what to look for on the label.
45 Quiz: The Psychology Behind Your Style
Are you a ‘modern romantic,’ ‘nouveau boho,’ ‘casual chic’ or ‘sexy sophisticate’? Find out how your personality and your style reflect each other.
48 Balm-y Weather
Keep your lips soft and silky this winter with a crop of new (and some classic) lip balms. We tested them for you!
50 Just Rosy
The classic restorative, romantic scent is back.
52 Get It Together
Cool websites and tools to help you look good.

Get Healthy

56 Resolve To: Boost Your Health!
To be your best every day, here are 10 simple habits to get into.
59 ‘The Best Health Advice I Ever Got”
Canadian Olympians, actors, singers and health heroes open up and share inspiring life lessons.
64 Winter-Proof Your Eyes
Dry air, and UV rays reflected off snow, can lead to eye damage. Here’s how to protect them.
66 A Dose of Caution
Tips for minimizing your risk of side effects from some common meds (plus, alternatives to consider).
71 Male Call
Strategies for helping him avoid cardiovascular disease.
72 Snowshoe Your Way to Fitness!
A fun, made-in-Canada way to get amazingly toned.
76 Get It Together
Cool websites and tools to keep you healthy.

Eat Well

80 Resolve To: Eat More Fish!
It’s one of the best things you can do for your health. Here are five top choices, and some great-tasting recipes.
86 Write It Off
Committed to losing weight? Keeping a food journal really helps. Best Health explains how.
88 Soup’s On!
Fresh-food chef Paul Finkelstein serves up new recipes inspired by the flavours of Italy, the Caribbean and Vietnam.
93 Grocery Guide
We tested three new South Asian products.
94 Quick Fixes
Tasty dishes you can make in about 30 minutes, like Baked Chicken Strips with Mango Salad.
96 Fare Share
Readers share their favourite healthy recipe. This issue: Creamy Banana-Nut Breakfast.
98 The Power Of Antioxidants
Yes, these disease fighters do live up to the hype. Here are the best ones (plus, a health-boosting meal plan).
104 Get It Together
Cool websites and tools to help you eat healthily.

Embrace Life

117 Resolve To: Reduce Stress!
Expert tips for dialling down anxiety.
118 My Mom and Me
One woman’s story of how caring for an aging parent can be both tough and rewarding.
123 Have We Gone to the Dogs?
Writer Patricia Pearson wonders about the world of pet products’and whether Fido really needs bling.
126 Cruise Control
Working on-board a cruise ship, our writer learned how to avoid buffet bingeing and other curses of cruising.
130 The New Wool
This eco-friendly, soft fabric is ideal for bedding, workout clothes’and even your underwear (no joke!).
132 Get It Together
Cool websites and tools to enhance your life.
136 My Healthy Life
A celebrity pastry chef’s philosophy on food and fun.

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