Best Health DIY workout program

Need inspiration for body-sculpting at home or at the gym? Pick and choose from our selection of exercises for your whole body

Best Health DIY workout program

Source: Web exclusive: September 2009

3 moves to sculpt your waist
Use this simple toning plan to strengthen and define your midsection.

8 ab-firming moves for two
Make ab work more fun with this 8-move workout for couples, friends and workout partners.

9 moves for strong, sexy legs
Do these leg moves inside or out’you’ll see results either way (we promise).

8 arm exercises for women
This simple arm workout uses both dumbbells and your own body weight to help you develop stronger and sexier arms, fast.

What push-ups can do for you
Push-ups aren’t just for men. Here’s how to make this timeless strengthening exercise work for you.

Squats: How to do them right
Strength-building squats are still the gold standard when it comes to shaping your glutes.

5 steps to flatter abs
This quick and convenient workout will help define and flatten your abs.

20-minute toning workout
Do this strength-training regimen twice a week or more to see results in as little as four weeks.

Banish belly fat
Melt your muffin top and fight belly fat with our 15-minute flat-abs workout.

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