Beauty Exclusive: Get Brow-Bar Eyebrow Shaping At Home, With a Bit of Help From Diamonds

A new beauty line has arrived in Canada and Best Health has the exclusive.

eyebrowsphoto credit: shutterstock

Beauty brand LaTweez has gone, let’s say, high brow when it comes to the innovation behind their signature tweezers. The company is using Diamond Dust technology to strengthen the tweezer tip and create a grippier surface. What does that mean for your eyebrows? No more missed stray hairs and perfect precision, for starters.

Now available in Canada, LaTweez is a U.S.-based company that specializes in beauty grooming essentials. They’re most known for their tweezers, specifically their Illuminating Tweezers which feature a bright LED light that illuminates your eyebrows so you can see those fine, hard to see hairs.

The new Pro Illuminating Tweezers with Diamond Dust technology features both the LED light, Diamond Dust-treated stainless steel tips and a carrying case with a built-in magnifying mirror.

LaTweez Pro Illuminating Tweezers with Diamond Dust technology, $43 at and select retailers as of March 15.