This New Apple Watch 3 Feature Will Change How You Work Out On Your Own

Get ready to be motivated and inspired to trainer harder. The latest update allows for live streaming – not just of songs but also from your apps.

Apple Watch Series 3 updatephoto credit: shutterstock

Apple Watch Series 3 update is next-level for your fitness

I know how you feel. You get home after work. You remember that you have to check off another box on your to-do list: Your workout. So, you go through the motions, and think to yourself, thank goodness my trainer/instructor/run coach/frenemy isn’t watching my bad form. But this situation won’t ever happen again – if you update your Apple Watch to OS 4.1, the first update since the Series 3 launched.

The new feature (update available by October 31) will motivate you to stick to the pace and form you would under a watchful eye. The update allows for live streaming from iTunes as well as apps, including Nike Run Club.

Your live-streaming coach

NRC is one of the first of the Apple app fitness partners to take advantage of live streaming. So, when you’re running, your “coach” can give you immediate feedback in your Bluetooth-connected AirPods on your performance. Based on your data, it will encourage you to work on your pace, speed, etc., as you train, and not just automated token “you did great” compliments.

I’m told by Apple to expect an onslaught of apps to upgrade for more real-time feature as the update becomes available. There was no confirmation about Sweat with Kayla just yet, but we’re anticipating that the Australian trainer may soon take advantage of this update. But so far Uber, NY Times, Shazam and some others are using the new capability. (In the meantime, here are 15 health and fitness apps worth downloading.)

Choose your workout music on the go

No more music prep for your workouts. Apple also now offers a Radio app, that will give you access to all (ALL) of the songs and albums on iTunes. That’s 40 million songs without having to download.

So, if you’re feeling more hip-hop one day to crush out a HIIT workout one day and JB for your runs the next day, you can.

That’s great if I know the music that will motivate me through beats so I can match my reps and pace. But what if I just need workout music?

Just ask Siri.

That’s right, I just request DJ Siri to play a “workout playlist,” and she will live stream a curated list of workout songs, which can also be customized into genres, like pop, country, rap, and so on.

Be more in the moment

By putting all these features on the Apple Watch Series 3, I ask Apple if they’re going to get rid of phones all together, since you can make texts and calls with Series 3. And that’s not the case.

Apple says it’s just trying to make life without our phones more pleasant. A run without my phone tucked away in my leggings and digging into my back sounds great.

Or doing a workout on my living room floor without having to keep checking my phone to see the next move – with the update, developers should make this all available on the wrist – I’ll be more focused.

And if I want to keep my phone in my purse when I’m brunching with a friend, I won’t miss an important call. And most of all, I’ll feel less pressure to respond to a call, email, check to see if anyone liked my last Instagram post.

Instead of a digital detox, it’s more like a digital weaning. And, I’m good with that.