Andie MacDowell Reveals the Health Hack She Swears By

You don’t have a 40-year career in Hollywood (not to mention a 30-plus-year partnership with L’Oréal) without learning a thing or two about taking care of yourself.

We chatted with actress Andie MacDowell about the wisdom she’s gained in show biz and beyond.

Best sweat?

I hike, do yoga and cycle now. They have a cycle and sculpt class where you lift weights, too. I usually don’t like weights, but I don’t mind lifting them when I’ve already got my endorphins up.

Best truth?

When you age, you don’t feel old. People project that you’re old onto you, but inside you don’t feel it.

Best trek?

I love to exercise, and I love to hike. When I hike, I’m conscious—I make sure to hear the birds, see the light falling on rocks and notice plants. I think being around nature is healthy for your mental state, and that really affects what you look like. I find my day goes better if I go on a morning hike, and I sleep better if I go on an evening hike. (Heading to L.A.? These are hands down the best hiking hotspots.)

Best health hack?

Drink a lot of water, and eat a lot of raw vegetables.

Best reflection?

If I could say anything to my 30-year-old self, I’d tell myself to stop and take care of myself. I think you tend to force your way through difficult situations—I know I did.

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Originally Published in Best Health Canada