How a Principal Dancer at the National Ballet of Canada Keeps Her Health on Point

After 22 years with the National Ballet of Canada, principal dancer Xiao Nan Yu is finally hanging up her slippers.

Xiao Nan Yu

We had a few seconds to catch up with Xiao as she prepared for her last dance. Here, her wellness secrets.

Best sore muscle cure?

A hot bath, massage, and sleep. (If you’re struggling to catch enough shut-eye, one of these sleep stealers may be to blame.)

Best workout fuel?

A BioSteel sports drink—it’s like Gatorade but without the sugar. For food, I like to have a White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Clif Bar—it gives me energy, but doesn’t fill me up too much and lasts a good amount of time.

Best beauty tip?

Lots of water and face masks every day. I do a sheet mask when reading at night or I sometimes put a cream mask on and sleep in it.

Best pick-me-up?

Music. (Psst: Here’s 21 hidden health benefits music lovers should know.)

Best day?

At work, when I finish my run-through or rehearsal better than the time before. Personally, when I spend time with my kids and family.

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Originally Published in Best Health Canada